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[IC] The OGs of Marathon

Gnashing MawGnashing Maw The DriverRegistered User regular
edited August 12 in Critical Failures
Welcome to Wausau, a place that used to be safe, and normal. Now your just as likely to be mugged as not. Crime has always been around, but ten years ago the average Joe wouldn't have noticed, now its unavoidable. Its the same way in the "Underground" Wausau used to be safe for us non mortals too, sure a person would get snatched here and there, but now its different. People are starting to notice, people like the White Counsel, even the friggin cops are forming an SI unit.

Upon checking your mail you receive a letter from MR.D (You have no idea who this is.)

To Whom it may concern,

If you are reading this then I am most certainly dead and you are unfortunate enough to be one of my beneficiaries. I'm terribly sorry to inconvenience you and put your life in danger like this, but i know in my heart that I've made the right choice by choosing you. My lawyer shall contact you within twenty-four hours, if you choose not to accept the responsibility, danger and all the wealth that is yours to claim, then I beg you, don't answer your phone tomorrow.


Maw The Driver
Gnashing Maw on
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