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[Kingdom Hearts] Melody of Melancholy



  • NiryaNirya Registered User regular
    Nirya wrote: »
    So Kingdom Hearts Union X has finally ended. The final story chapter dropped in Japan with the NA version coming soon probably (they rushed through all the story updates to catch global up to the Japanese release), but having seen the translation, it is as buck-wild as can be expected. Here's some of the ridiculous stuff that stood out to me.

    Xehanort is the KHUX player-character reincarnated, because of course. The other keyblade users in the data world went to sleep, and their Chirity became the Dream Eater Spirits we see in DDD.

    Most of the Union Leaders got out of the data world. Ephemer became the founder of Scala ad Caelum (which was again shown to be built on the ruins of Daybreak Town), Brain potentially ends up there at a later date before the world is destroyed (or much later in the future, who knows), Lauriam and Elrena end up in Enchanted Dominion in different spots (Lauriam surrounded by flowers, Elrena in the rain and lightning) likely using Maleficent as the conduit back to the real world. Ventus ends up in the Keyblade Graveyard with a shadowy figure approaching him. We aren't shown what happened to Skuld but considering Ephemer survived it wouldn't be shocking to see she made it out also.

    I put a potentially with Brain because we see Luxu take off his hood and reveal that he had the same face as Brain, so either he can just adjust his face, or he killed Brain and took his place, or something else who knows this series is stupid about actually explaining things.

    The traitor stuff with the Forebearers and the Keyblade War were all some bullshit created by the MoM to have 6 of the 13 darknesses inhabit those hearts as something of a prison. Another of the darknesses is contained by the MoM, and 4 of them were shown to be kept in the data world by the player-character. That leaves two more, one of which is likely contained in Ventus as Vanitas, and one likely running around the real world that is the final one to be defeated (likely Xehanort). MoM states that darkness needs a physical form to ultimately be defeated, which makes it seem like his plan is to sacrifice himself and the Forebearers at the hands of some light people (read: Sora).

    Having played this myself about a week and change ago, one of my many questions is:
    If the girls formless Darkness takes a physical form is defeated, will it actually die? Or just become formless again? Things have a bad habit of never dying in this series.
    MoM implied that the darkness became formless in response to having members killed by the light, so I’d guess making them have a form again would make them vulnerable.

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    It is extremely laughable and very Kingdom Hearts that MoM is an acronym that is doubly relevant to the current world state and annoyingly has the same letters.
    Master of Masters (an extremely important recurring character with unknown whereabouts)
    Melody of Memory (the most recent game released)

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