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PAX West 2017 Pins

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PAX West Pinpocalypse -
Pin Quest -
Guidebook -

PAX West 2017 Logo (PAX West 2017 Set)
Diving Gabe (PAX West 2017 Set)
Drowning Tycho (PAX West 2017 Set)
The Cat Aquatic (PAX West 2017 Set)
West 2017 LE - Merch Lite only
Game Over Mario
Super Star

Level 2
TeeKO Cat (Jackbox - Jackbox Stage)

Level 4 North
Mixer Hype (Mixer - 425) - Attendees must walk up to one of 2 stations in our booth where they can sign up or verify that they have a Mixer Account registered. Once verified, they will be handed a pin.
FarCry 5 Flag (Ubisoft - 605) - Reward for high score winners during contests or attendees will be able to get the pin at our panel at the Hydra Theatre that takes place on Saturday from 2:30PM - 3:30PM.
Gang Beasts (Double Fine - 106)
GNOG (Double Fine - 106)
Meat Boy (Team Meat - 835)
Shovel Knight (Yacht Club - 433)

Level 4 South
Monster Hunter: World (Capcom - 2109) - Receive one pin after completion of the Monster Hunter: World demo
Dauntless (Phoenix Labs - 2335) - Available at the Phoenix Labs booth #2335 - The demo will feature 3 different, 15-20 minute PvE battles. If someone wins the battle they get a pin.
Twitch Arcade (Twitch - 1909) - Grab a Twitch Pin Passport at Twitch Booth Front Desk at Booth 1909. Collect at least two stamps around the Twitch Booth. Redeem your Twitch Pinny Arcade Pin at the Twitch Booth Front Desk.
ToeJam & Earl (Adult Swim - 1933) - Play the ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove demo.
Bullet Hero: Enter the Gungeon (Devolver Digital - 2201)
Mimic (Think Geek - Sky 9)

Level 6
Molotov (New Blood - 7218) - Play the demo for a pin discount.
KRZ (Annapurna - 6908)
Donut County (Annapurna - 6908)
PAX AUS Roadshow Platypus (PAX AUS Roadshow - 6312)
Dr. Whiskers (Dire Wolf - 7405)
Queen of Smiles (Ska Studios - 6317)
Owlboy Otus (We Love Fine - 7411)
Star Realms (White Wizard - 6702)
Halo Legendary Crate (Lootcrate - 6516)
Game Wizard Garfield (Toonhound - 7609)
Gunny (Samurai Punk - 6215)

Level 6 (Outside Expo)
Love Has No Labels (Ad Council - Diversity Lounge) - Available for $15 each at the Love Has No Labels booth in the Diversity Lounge. Finish the new Love Has No Labels mobile game, League of Extraordinary Humans, to see if you’re a lucky pin winner! The game is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google play.
Psychomancer 2017 (Take This - Diversity Lounge)
LRR Spoopbucks (LRR - Bandland)
Herk (LRR - Bandland)
Torg (LRR - Bandland)
Krog (LRR - Bandland)
It Not Perfect System Pins (LRR - Bandland)
FoxTrot Paige GG (Bill Amend - Bandland)
Chainsawsuit Logo (Kris Straub - Bandland)
CW Action Figures (Katie Rice - Bandland)
Annie (Riot Games - 613/614)

The Witcher 10 Year Anniversary Geralt - Available at the “Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The Witcher” panel, Sunday 12pm - Main Theatre
Cookie Brigade - Need to find CC Brigade and purchase a pin!

Pin Related Events
So Much More Than Pins - A Pinny Pals Community Panel : [CAT THEATRE] Friday 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Superheroes Fight Bias in Geolocation Game Launching at PAX : [CAT THEATRE] Friday 6:30pm - 7:30pm (Love Has No Labels pin)
Pin Community Meetup : [AUTOGRAPH AREA] Friday 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Pinny Pals After Dark: Let's Draw! : [HIPPOGRIFF THEATRE] Friday 9:30pm - 10:30pm
Far Cry 5: Mayhem in Montana : [HYDRA THEATRE] Saturday 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Official Pinny Arcade Pin Trading Event! : [AUTOGRAPH AREA] Saturday 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of The Witcher : [MAIN THEATRE] Sunday 12:00pm - 2:00pm

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