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PAX West Beer Swap and Bottleshare 2017! The Return of Hoptimus Prime

f33rNapalmf33rNapalm Registered User regular
It's time once again for the PAX West six-pack swap and bottleshare!

Like last year, I'm calling all beer lovers to bring a six pack of their favourite beer to swap, and a few brews to share.

Last year's event was a huge success, seeing a bunch o' PAX folks crammed into a hotel room to crack open a ton of amazing beers, have a great time, and the always miraculous avoidance of a noise complaint.

I am available to host this year, however I'm only staying 1 night, so the choice of when and where is limited to Sunday night, after Acquisitions Incorporated. Alternatively, if that doesn't work for the majority of people, an alternate time/place may be arranged if someone else is willing to host.

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  • TheHermitTheHermit Registered User regular
    Went last year for the first time and now I'm hooked. Will be bringing delicious beers from New England.

  • bubblegirl22bubblegirl22 portlandRegistered User regular
    Are ciders aloud or is it beer only?

  • kube00kube00 SE WA StateRegistered User regular
    Wish I could make it Sunday night

    1st PAX was Prime 2010. Made it to several more Primes/West. Been to East and South. Headed back to West in 2019 for my 12th PAX.

  • f33rNapalmf33rNapalm Registered User regular
    Are ciders aloud or is it beer only?

    Ciders are welcome!

    Just note that as a primarily beer focused event there may not be any other ciders present.

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