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In light of recent events, well all the BS from 2016-present, my sister has decided she wanted to launch a gofundme to help minorities (sorry, I can't provide any information beyond that per forum rules).

I want to help see this be successful, but I have not had much experience with fundraisers. I know some on this board have had experience with this. So I was wondering if anyone could give me advice on how to make this successful and on things I probably should avoid doing that could cause it problems, that might not seem obvious.


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    First things first.
    get your 501c3, stop right now go register it with the IRS and come back, do not skip this. If you don't have this tax umbrella you are exposing yourself to a fantastic amount of risk.

    Go fund me is ok, but what I've found is depending on the state, is certain forms of gambling are great fund raisers. I've played in server all charity poker tournaments. Check your state laws some allow prizes no cash some allow 50/50 splits, some allow raffles.

    Honestly though you are going to need to lean on your network of friends and associates, and space your fund raisers and events. I went to a charity raffle for an acquaintance, and they asked me next week to sign of up for charity bingo and i declined, and then it was something every week, so now I avoid those calls. However I go to an annual Texas Holden for toys for tots. One of these years I'll get that trophy.

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    Charities are businesses. There are so many things. Does she have any experience running a business or working at a charity?

    I don't know of anyone who would just give to an unknown persons gofundme. Maybe she should volunteer time/energy somewhere first?

    Raising funds isn't really where you "start" something like this.\

    Maybe organize an event to support a charity for now?

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    GoFundMe takes 5% of the money (and earns interest on any money sitting in their accounts before it is pulled down) and is a for profit company. She should look into that and see if she's comfortable with it, and compare with other platforms.

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    Fundraising is the last stage of support, you need quality content first to generate interest, a solid marketing and business plan, a distibution plan and oversight reviewer, not to mention actually doing studies to derermine where and how your funds will impact the target. Preferably through those actually from your target community.

    Where to collect is literally last

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    The best thing to do if you don't want to actually start a charitable organization would be to find somebody who's doing what you want and look at the options they have.

    The in-thing in fundraising right now is "DIY Fundraisers" which is similar to the idea @zepherin mentioned (but yeah, look at your state laws regarding gambling for charity). You make your own event, and if the charity is working with a vendor that supports it, they'll provide you with the backend where people can sign up and contribute money, and then the money goes straight to the charity so you never have to worry about handling anything yourself.

    If you're holding an event and want to collect the money yourself, Eventbrite is actually a good platform. Their fees are modest and their payment setup allows for a lot of different options if you want to have different tiers of supporters or throw in possible local sponsorships or things like that.

    If you *do* want to start a charity, PM me, I work in the field and could give you some consultation about fundraising.

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