Ultimate Tabletop Trivia on Saturday and Sunday!

CCWGamesCCWGames Registered User new member
It's almost PAX time!!!

I wanted to share that we are once again hosting Ultimate Tabletop Trivia in the Tabletop Co-op Room 208, and this year we're upping the game... or rather, the games! That's right, we have two nights of Trivia this year. Come on in at 6:30 on both Saturday and Sunday to show that you are the most alpha of all gamers and win your share of over $300 in games and prizes provided by our friends at USAopoly. Even if you don't think you have what it takes to take one of the top spots, you can still win your share of prizes in special bonus rounds sponsored by OneBookshelf and The Game Crafter.

If that's still not enough free stuff for you, then just spend more of your time in room 208, because everytime you play a game or run through a demo, you'll get a raffle ticket to win from the prize table of games, Kickstarter exclusives, and special editions from the Tabletop Co-op crew. Play games, win prizes!


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