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Drinking buddy/party friend wanted

RDubbRDubb Registered User regular
I'm rolling PAX solo this weekend and want someone to carouse with in the evenings. If you enjoy booze, conversation, and general shenanigans, hit me up. Strictly plutonic friends of any shape and size welcome. Cheers!


  • CharmingDevilCharmingDevil Token Awkward Muffin Graham, WashingtonRegistered User regular
    Ahh man, solo ain't no fun. I'm sorry to hear that. Hope you find some peeps. I'll be going tomorrow and Sunday but I'll be with my husband and some friends that aren't big into drinking, otherwise I'd totally join you. Good luck friend!

  • kemoiunderkemoiunder Registered User new member
    hey! I'll be going tomorrow, Sunday. if you haven't made any friends to hang out with yet I would love to walk around with people. I think my cousin will be meeting me there but I dunno if we'll do the whole day together~

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