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Dr. Exoskeleton 2017!!! Tips, tricks etc

Bladed CicadaBladed Cicada Registered User regular
Thought it would be good to to start a thread for this great yearly con game. Post questions, tip or whatever you'd like concerning the game. I actually found an envelope but won't have time to play. If you would like it, just let me know!


  • DarkNutKDDarkNutKD Registered User regular
    If you still have it, I would love to take it and play with my friends. Where would you like to meet?

  • Bladed CicadaBladed Cicada Registered User regular
    I do! I'm heading to the devolver booth now I'll be there for about 10-15 holding the envelope , find me!

  • DarkNutKDDarkNutKD Registered User regular
    Tried to send you a message, I got roped into lunch with friends right before I saw your post. Would you still be within the expo hall after 3, or could you possibly send me the code within the envolope?

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