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Met this really nice person at Nindie Arcade on Friday. Never got your name :/

squishyorangesquishyorange Registered User new member
Hi! We met while we were waiting to get our small-sized t-shirts and conversed for a bit but I never asked for your name. We also greeted each other in passing outside at the end of the day. You seemed really nice! I hope we see each other again sometime at this convention!


  • AppoAppo Registered User regular
    I'm in the same boat lol. Met the chillest person I've met at PAX while waiting in line for Assassin's Creed Origins. Got her name, gave her a pin she had been wanting, and then we went out separate ways. Wish I got a Steam ID or somethin'.

  • CKingCKing Registered User regular
    edited September 2017
    That's what PAX is sometimes! I met a gentleman at the drinking tournament and Just bumped into him on the floor. Still no contact info. Same with a girl and her brother I met that night. They walked by earlier and we smiled, but that was it.

    CKing on
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