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Incredibly Kind Enforcer - How to share feedback??

OsirisAdventureOsirisAdventure Registered User new member
I have been attending PAX for years now, and while the awesomeness of the Enforcers always blows me away (despite the fact that I tend to keep to myself and rarely make small talk), I had a particular experience that I wanted to share and to ask if anyone knows if there is a way to give feedback to Enforcers who go above and beyond??

I have a 6 year old daughter, and we have been attending before she was around. Her first PAX was as a baby, and her involvement with the con grows as she does. Her current love: The Legend of Zelda. She has dressed as Link for two years in a row:

Due to a misprint in the schedule, we didn't make it in enough time to see the 30 Years of Zelda panel. Hard Cap. Shit.

Two days of not enough sleep, poor nutrition, and a lot of walking: cue tears. Lots of them.

We find a comfy spot to sit to calm her down, and an Enforcer brings her a cup of water, asks what is wrong and if he can help. I explain the situation, and say thank you for the water. We breathe. We chill out.

He comes back, and gives her a Mario pin to help her feel better. Another Enforcer gives her a pixel Link Pinny pin. So sweet!

THEN he offers to let her try out some VR in the demo area, which he does. He invites us back after a tournament so mom and dad can try too. Totally saves the day, we have a blast as a family, and turn a huge disapointment into a fabulous experience. The other Enforcer told the panelists about her and we go meet them afterwards, also incredible.

As a parent himself with two young kids at PAX, he understood how overwhelming it can be. He gave her a PAX medal for her bravery. He has no idea, but she struggles with emotional regulation, and despite being bright and precocious, has a difficult time with disappointment, things not going as she imagined them, and calming herself down when worked up. This medal will hopefully serve as a reminder to her that she has the capacity to cope and can be strong.

Wherever you are Michael from Portland, thank you!!!



  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    this is a pretty good spot for it. also the post pax survey if it is emailed to you

  • Canderson1989Canderson1989 Registered User regular
    Sent this to our Enforcer commander. Hope she sees this. =D

  • DustyStarrDustyStarr Registered User regular
    This is a really nice story. :3

    I wished I asked for more enforcer's names so I could have tried to send some feedback for them to tell PAX how awesome they were. I have pretty severe social anxiety, and am easily over stimulated along with other things, and it probably shows; I had some enforcers check on me and ask me if I was okay and that was a small thing but it meant a lot to me that they showed so much concern for the con goers. I wish I knew who to thank individually but I met SO many people it becomes something of a blur.

    Either way the enforcers rocked this year. :3 Thank you.

  • Sj3nksSj3nks Registered User regular
    I tried to thank alot of the enforcers whom i talked to. But the ones I didn't I wanted to tag on to this thread. This was my first year at a Pax attendee, and there are numerous reasons leading up to my decision to want to return next year, but one of the giant major ones is due to the enforcers. I have been to cons and shows for a long time, but never have i see a group as amazing as this team. From the knowledge to the friendliness to just everything. I loved reading the signs that various members had making sure people knew they were welcome to ask questions.

    You guys seriously made this PAX rock!

  • BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    edited September 2017
    Due to a misprint in the schedule, we didn't make it in enough time to see the 30 Years of Zelda panel. Hard Cap. Shit.

    Yea this is a great place for it, thanks a bunch. I'm glad they were able to turn around your experience a bit. Also that was Wyvern theater, which is a streamed theater, so if you didn't know yet, you can watch the panel online. Hope that helps, link below.

    Beker on
  • vespachicavespachica SeattleRegistered User regular
    I'm all verklempt.


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