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[Mordhau] When? April 29th

doomybeardoomybear Hi PeopleRegistered User regular
Mordhau Official Website

Launch Trailer!

It's a game made by Chivalry modders who decided that they wanted to build their own game. It's first person medieval melee action.

It's got swords!

It's got horses!

It's got catapults!

It's got a Battle Royale mode!

You can kill someone with a lute and then play a tune over their corpse!

- So what is this game all about?

It's a medieval, first person (with optional 3rd person), melee fighting game. The game is primarily multiplayer and includes different modes, such as deathmatch and battle royale.

- How does character creation work?

Players begin being able to choose a loadout from different archetypes.

Players can create their own characters. Characters have a 16 point budget to spend on armor, weapons, and perks. As expected, better armor, weapons, and perks require more points to buy.

There is a progression system of leveling up, and many options will need to also be unlocked by paying gold, an in-game currency system earned through playing. The tutorial nets you 2500 gold on completion, and basic unlocks range anywhere from 200-600 gold. Cosmetics and such are often 600 gold or more to unlock.

Characters are limited to white guys. White gals are in the works. Devs haven't said much about any other options.

- How does gameplay work?

Go through the tutorial! Really!

Let's explain Attacking first:
There are 5 kinds of melee attacks: Overhead, Underswing, Side swing, Stab, and kick.
> The first four are weapon attacks, and they each are also defined by side, e.g. left overhead, right overhead.
> Kicks are unblockable and un-parry-able, but they are short and can leave you vulnerable on a miss.

When you attack, there are 3 parts to an attack: windup, release, and afterblow.
> The wind-up is a bit of time when you begin an attack, but is before the release. In this window of time, you can perform a feint or a morph.
> The release is the part of your attack that can hurt people.
> The afterblow is a period of time after release when the animation is finishing. For most weapons there is also a Combo window, where if you hit with an attack, you can start the next attack right afterward.

You can feint an attack to cancel it. This costs stamina.

When you morph an attack, you change it from a swing to a stab, or vice versa.

Clashing occurs when two weapons swing and hit each other, but not any players. You can combo off of a clash.

Dragging and accelerating are also features of combat. These are accomplished by turning your mouse into or away from the direction of a swing, which can affect the timing of when your weapon reaches your opponent.
> Dragging is when you turn away from your target to hit them later in the release.
> Accelerating is when you turn toward your target to hit them earlier in the release.

Attacks also cost stamina if you whiff. I forget all the things that cost stamina.

There is very little hit trading. If two opponents swing at the same time, the first one to hit will cause the other to flinch.
> Hit trading is still possible, but only when hits are almost simultaneous.

Timing and spacing are extremely important to get around your opponent's defenses.

And Defending:
Parrying is the most common and easiest form of defense.
> You must be facing an attack to parry it. You can't parry behind yourself.
> Parries are only active for a limited time, so make sure you time it right.

Related to defense, a riposte is a quicker attack that is performed right after a parry.
> I think a riposte can't be flinched but don't quote me on that.

If you have a shield, you can Block. You still have to be facing an attack to block it.

A character can be built with the Dodge perk, which enables a small dodge for use.

You can also duck and otherwise use movement to avoid attacks.

Chambering is a valuable technique that combines offense and defense.
> To perform a chamber, you must start an attack at the same side and angle of an incoming attack. This will parry their attack and you will continue with your attack.
> For example, an opponent's left-overhead can be chambered by your right-overhead swing.
> You can morph a chamber attack.
> Stab chambering is side independent, e.g. any stab can chamber any other stab.
> Kick into a kick to block a kick.

If you are hurt, in most gamemodes, you will regenerate your health after a period of walking and no activity.

Miscellaneous information!
You can ride horsies! If you pick up a lance, you can couch that lance (default F) while going fast and do major damage. Going faster on a horse and hitting someone does more damage, too, and the horse will knock people out of the way if you're going fast enough.

You can also shoot bows! Longbows and the smaller, faster, less damaging recurve bow act uniquely in this game. Just play around with it and you'll get the hang of it. The crossbow is a bit easier to use. Bows, crossbows, and throwables can't block, and you'll drop a bow or crossbow if you're hit while holding it.

Most weapons have either two handling modes, or they can be thrown. For example, a two-handed axe can be used in a long-range mode, or you can press R (by default) to choke up on it for quicker swings but less range. Something like a dagger, meanwhile, gets thrown at the enemy when you press R.

There are also miscellaneous tools, the bandage/medic handbag and the hammers and toolbox. There's also a lute.
> Bandages are for self-healing, which is faster than regenerative healing.
> Medic handbags are deployed wherever you throw them, and other players can use it to heal.
> The hammers, the mallet and blacksmith hammer, can be used to build and repair defenses in frontlines or constructions from the toolbox.
> The toolbox lets you deploy a shield-like fortification.
> The lute can be played using the different strikes and stabs as notes, and there's a bot you can download to make the lute play songs. The alt mode of the lute lets you use it like a club and defend yourself.

You can also throw your pommel using an emote, and the pommel can finish a person.
- What gamemodes are there?

So far, there are:
> Deathmatch, free-for-all murderin'
> Team Deathmatch, where you murder those guys in particular
> Skirmish, which is Team Deathmatch, except it occurs in rounds where everyone has 1 life, first team to win 7-ish rounds wins
> Frontlines, which is Objective Based Team Deathmatch
> Battle Royale, where you try to get your stuff and murder everyone until you're the last survivor
> Horde Mode, where you and your friends try to survive an onslaught of AI enemies

- What else is there?

I don't know! I forget stuff.

Horde mode item location guides!

what a happy day it is
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  • SvevinSvevin Registered User regular
  • doomybeardoomybear Hi People Registered User regular
    edited April 2019

    Edit: To clarify, it's coming out tomorrow at 1 PM Eastern time!

    doomybear on
    what a happy day it is
  • FiggyFiggy Fighter of the night man Champion of the sunRegistered User regular
    Well this is exciting. Instant buy from me.

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  • doomybeardoomybear Hi People Registered User regular
    Game is pretty buggy at the moment! Frontline servers are on fire, and progression doesn't seem to be saving.

    what a happy day it is
  • SyzygySyzygy Registered User regular
    Yep, can't even get in to a Horde mode server atm. Good thing they included an offline mode for now!

  • FiggyFiggy Fighter of the night man Champion of the sunRegistered User regular
    edited April 2019
    Yikes, ya they need to sort the server situation out pronto.

    When I was in a decent server for a short while, it was a blasty blast.

    I like that you can essentially make your own class.

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  • TOGSolidTOGSolid Drunk sailor Seattle, WashingtonRegistered User regular
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    Oh hey, we already have a thread for this.

    The servers are stable and 100% playable now! Also we just received Patch #6

    *Spectators can no longer initiate or participate in vote kicks
    *Starting votekicks and casting votes against enemies is no longer possible in team modes
    *Avoiding votekicks by leaving the server is no longer possible
    *Votekicks now need more vote majority to succeed
    *Fixed unlocking getting stuck
    *Fixed high level unlocks staying locked despite reaching the level
    *Added Gothic buckler skin
    *Added Kleines Messer (Cleaver skin)
    *Added Baron’s Cutter (Cleaver skin)

    *Kicks now have more range against active held blocks and recovery. This will significantly increase range of kicks against shields and fist block only (Doesn’t affect parries/timed blocks)
    *Increased kick tracer width slightly (making it more reliable in facehug range)
    *Nerfed chase mechanic slightly - now has a bit less activation range & movement speed bonus upon activation. This will make it weaker mostly against unarmored builds.
    *Increased stab early release by 25ms (this will make all stabs hit very slightly slower)

    Weapons & Equipment
    *Heater and Kite shield block adjusted, it is now slightly easier to hit around these shields
    *Fixed parry backpedal speed being lower on targe/buckler than regular parry
    *Fixed eveningstar having 5 stamina on hit instead of 10 on stabs
    *Mallet and Blacksmith hammer now have more range
    *Mallet repair ability buffed
    *Deployable ballista can now turn more, has faster ammo replenish and has slightly more health
    *Deployable spikes now have slightly more width, covering more area
    *Toolbox now spawns with 5 out of 6 ammo and now resupplies 6 ammo at ammo boxes instead of 3
    *Smokes now disable chase mechanic

    Maps & Gamemodes
    *Frontline capturing & neutralizing is now faster
    *Fixed straw shack roof having no collision on MountainPeak
    *Fixed some icicles
    *Fixed attempt for bug in BR where if you die at warmup 1 second you can get the defeat screen despite respawning

    *Potential fix for slots not being reserved for existing players on map change
    *Potential fix for server browser not working for some people / not seeing any servers
    *Server browser and matchmaking filters now save properly

    Visuals & Misc.
    *Shortspear holster is only on the back
    *Fixed floating weapons in demos

    *Lowered volume of ballista hit sound

    *Fixed bots being given too many turds up-front in certain cases, which would cause them to unload the volleys of turd reserves even long after the player leaves the stuck spot
    *Horde bots turds now have AOE damage, nerfing the ability to avoid the horde by camping towers and other places where the horde can’t reach the player

    *Scoreboard now automatically scrolls to always show the player's entry

    Hopefully we can get more PAers on for dueling silliness and practice. Here's a solid Reddit post that gives a quick rundown of each of the weapons if you feel a little lost in all the options:

    TOGSolid on
  • TheStigTheStig Registered User regular
    I'm impressed with how quickly they've been updating to solve my main gripes. One of my first complaints was that you couldn't see where your friends were in the game and they fixed that right away, I figured it would be months.

    bnet: TheStig#1787 Steam: TheStig
  • TOGSolidTOGSolid Drunk sailor Seattle, WashingtonRegistered User regular
    TheStig wrote: »
    I'm impressed with how quickly they've been updating to solve my main gripes. One of my first complaints was that you couldn't see where your friends were in the game and they fixed that right away, I figured it would be months.

    Yeah, the dev team seems pretty damn rad about getting things fixed quick even in light of the massive surge of popularity their game has had. The 10k gold bonus they gave everyone after fixing the server bugs was sweet too.

    I was doing a bunch of frontline but have been spending time in horde lately which is proving rather addictive and a good way to learn weapon ranges without getting ganked or teamkilled.

  • NotoriusBENNotoriusBEN Registered User regular
    edited May 2019
    As well as learning weapon speeds, reach, and alternate capabilities.

    Some swords can be half sworded, like the zweihander, the estoc and longsword can be mordhau gripped to club armor users like baby seals with their hilts, and the bastard sword can be 2handed or one handed, lending more power, or the option to flip up a shield.

    And you can throw any weapon... And rocks are just about as deadly as a recurve bow. For 5 coin, 5 rocks is serious power and headshots can take down knights

    NotoriusBEN on
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  • BlueshiftBlueshift Registered User regular
    And you can throw any weapon...

    Is that true? the throw button is the 'change grip' button I thought.. when I use a mace or a short spear I throw them by pressing R (default). Is there a different throw button for swords?

  • TOGSolidTOGSolid Drunk sailor Seattle, WashingtonRegistered User regular
    edited May 2019
    Blueshift wrote: »
    And you can throw any weapon...

    Is that true?

    Nah, if a weapon can be thrown the alt fire key will do it and not every weapon can be thrown.

    Speaking of alt-modes, the Billhook does shit for damage but holy hell does it delete cavalry. It yanks the rider right off the horse in one hit opening them up to get stomped on. I'm also enjoying yanking people out of position with the alt-mode which throws their spacing completely off. I just wish it did like...3 more damage vs heavy armor so I could three shot them.

    TOGSolid on
  • NotoriusBENNotoriusBEN Registered User regular
    yea, TOG has the right of it. I was under the assumption you could throw all weapons, but its only for weapons without an alternate function.
    If you are into horde mode, I'm gonna kick traffic towards this brand new youtuber account. He has loot locations for all pieces of gear for Camp and Grad so far.
    I'm under the assumption he is going to work towards putting up Mountain and Taiga in a day or so

    The best part about it is he took the time to timestamp each piece of gear so you dont have to sit through the entire vid.



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  • doomybeardoomybear Hi People Registered User regular

    Neat, added to the OP!

    what a happy day it is
  • TOGSolidTOGSolid Drunk sailor Seattle, WashingtonRegistered User regular
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