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VTMB Basic Version help

CariesCaries Registered User new member

I've a problem concerning wonderful game Vampire the Masquarade: Bloodlines. I'd love to play a basic, not-patched version. I have weird copy which, after installation, demanded the internet connection but couldn't do nothing more about it. I think it is a relict from past time. To play, I had to install some Unofficial Patch (I like 9.4 the most, 9.6 is decent too).
But this time, after reinstalation and combination with some suspicious crack I managed to make the basic version (no patches) start.
The problem is, after selecting New Game option when the red bar is loading, then (pretty soon) entire game crashes. My windows tells me that the programme has stopped working and it shall inform me if it finds solution. False hope, I guess!
I'll enclose my crash report. I must admit I have this kind of crashing before, it was when I installed Antitribu mod without proper Hotfix. The repairing was like: download the Hotfix and replace some .dll files. So I see there's some issue with .dll-s compatibility one to each other, but I'm not computer-wise enough to go any further with this case! I but see that this time the engine.dll is the problem, I located one such a file in Bin directory, separate from Vampire folder.
I hope someone'd be willing to help me! I really love the idea of trying the most basic of basic version of VTMB. See, I like simplicity. :)

P.S. When I do a BBCcode [code], it happent that my crash log is far too long to put it into thread (over 27 thousands of letters), then I'll enclose it as a Notepad file.


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    We can't help you run unofficial patches or software cracks.

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