[iOS] Whooter the Owl available now!!!

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Check out my first game: Whooter the Owl!


Whooter the Owl is flying through his world just trying to grab as many coins and smash as many blocks as he can while trying to avoid the bad guys.

Check your coin count and your furthest distance against the leader boards!

Tap on the mushrooms you collect to slow yourself back down!

Get it from the Apple App Store!

Check out a couple reviews!
This is flappy bird in a Super Mario Brothers type environment. Easy to play and the kids love it! - glgriffin, July 2017
I love a good simple game and this fits the bill. Would be great for kids too. - DsEdwards, July 2017

Here are some iOS download codes - these codes expire on 2017-10-25. If you like it, tell your friends and the internet!


For a short gameplay video, Check out Whooter on Facebook!

Also, I'd love some feedback on the game. Please leave a review if you liked it. If there's something wrong, I'd love to have a chance to fix it. Thanks for the support!

Coming to Android later this year!

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