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Any FitDesk owners?

tastydonutstastydonuts Registered User regular
So one of Amazon's Deals of the Day is the FitDesk v3.0 Desk Bike with Extension Kit, White for $199 (from $400). I've been thinking about buying an exercise bike to ride for a few days and then forget I even own it and this seems like a good deal?

Anyone own one? How's the construction, etc? Couldn't find anything via forum search. Thanks!

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  • PacificstarPacificstar Registered User regular
    I had their under-desk thing and it was fine while I had it. What I found is that it's very hard to keep cycling when you're really thinking hard. So for easy tasks you end up cycling, and for the difficult ones you've just got a funky chair.

  • NaphtaliNaphtali Hazy + Flow SeaRegistered User regular
    You might just be better off getting an adjustable desk and pairing it with an exercise bike, one that's easy to move away when you want to use a normal chair instead. FWIW, I have a FitDesk treadmill and its good build quality, but I don't do any work with it because like Pacstar said when you need to focus its a bit of a distraction.

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  • tastydonutstastydonuts Registered User regular
    edited October 2017
    Would really only be riding on it to do something while gaming. The main draw for this one was the footprint and the weight (~60lbs iirc), well that and the price drop.

    tastydonuts on
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