[Golf Story] Genuinely a GOTY contender.

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...If you like classic meter swing golf games /alot/.

I dusted off a 10 year old barely used account to say this.

I was hyped for it when I saw the trailer.

I bought into it on launch day.

And I expected a silly idea of an RPG with golf mechanics that seem long forgotten...

...and what I got was, well, superlatives are not the right words here. The game just has heart and charms for days!

This dev team, whoever they are, they REALLY love golf. Love golf enough to not stop at making a golf game.

The game paces like an animated series. The bantering dialog is delivered superbly on it's, you could say, "Hand crafted" speech bubbles. It allowed for comedic timing in a medium, text, that one might not associate with timing. They drop golf vocab that dug deep in a golfer's glossary.

It's a pokey rookie-to-pro story that is fraught with surreal distractions, some of which I dare not say, as their surprise alone adds so much to the hard hitting punchline of the jokes. I'll just drop keywords.

Wizard battles.

Rap Battles. (And genuinely, in a world with so much cringe-rap whenever amateurs try to pull it off, I can say this spat /fire/. I was in tears because I couldn't believe what I was seeing and that they nailed some sick rhymes. And the timed speech bubbles parse out every line to a rhythm. Someone needs to do that stuff live.)

I was so happy to see Mike and Jerry play it on live stream and enjoy it as much as they did. If you have a Switch, get it. If you don't have a Switch, put it on your Switch shopping list. It's easily one of the best Switch titles this year.

Unless of course you don't like Classic Meter-Swing Golf gameplay. Then it's kinda okay I guess. It's...the entire game. Golf. Golf is the solution to everything. If you don't like that then, yeah, it's whatever.

Seriously I want Jerry to check out that Rap Battle...

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    Is this a Switch-only game?

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