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I can't view the threads I've made in my profile

kimekime Queen of BladesRegistered User regular
When I go to my profile, and click "Threads", I see "This user has not made any discussions yet." I have made some threads :). (There's no button to "view more" or anything, either.)

I can URL-hack the page by adding "?page=p2" to start looking through my threads, so it's not the biggest deal.

(My suspicion maybe is that the threads I've made are old enough that they are being filtered out of the default view, so it thinks I haven't made anything.)


Well OK now I can view this thread in my profile, and click to older threads.

I have a new guess as to the root cause! The number of my threads hit exactly the number for a new page, but there was nothing on the new page. So maybe it interpreted "empty first page" as "no threads created"? ID: kime#1822
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