G&T Spooktacular 2017: Scareware

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The days grow dark and cool, and shadowy figures can be seen just outside your vision. That can only mean that the Halloween season has returned, and the urge to play spooky games grows thick among the masses. But first, some music to set the mood:

The latest release of the long-running fear franchise, RE7 manages to revive the series after missteps with 5 and 6. Once again, you're back in a creepy old house where something has gone seriously wrong. Run from invincible southerners and solve esoteric puzzles as god intended. Can be played in VR for extra scares.

What if the Taken movies were horror games? The sequel to the Evil Within dares to answer that question, putting you in the shoes of a dad whose daughter is out way past curfew. Emphasis is on a more "play your way" style, allowing you to fight, sneak, or plan traps to take out whatever goes bump in the night. And maybe Liam Neeson.

The murder court series is back for a third go, for those who prefer more suspense than outright scares. And anime. So much anime. You're trapped with other unlucky individuals, and the only way out is to commit a perfect murder. Think of it as a more violent Phoenix Wright, with you talking to characters and exploring locales in the first half of a chapter, and then trying to figure out who committed the murder in a trial of sorts. Also, something involving teddy bears.

October won't play host to another Friday the 13th until 2023, so pay homage to this uncommon event by giving this a spin. Play as a gaggle of Jasons from across the franchise, or as one of his nameless, doomed victims. As the counselors, your job is to get the fuck out of dodge via car, call the police and hold out until their arrival, or try killing Jason (not recommended). As Jason, you just gotta hunt down your prey and gut them. Features a bunch of unique kill animations, and the immersion of Jason sounding like Spongebob on voice chat.

There's more I could list, such as Little Nightmares, Darkwood, and so on. Not to mention games from last year like Inside or DOOM. But I'll leave that to you. Gush about your favorite stuff to play around this time of the year!

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