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Twilight Imperium Fourth Edition event - Friday

LackeyLackey [E] PAX Tabletop TournamentsRegistered User regular
edited October 2017 in PAX Unplugged
Hey everyone. Lackey here, one of the Tabletop Tournaments Enforcer Leads for PAX Unplugged.

On the PAX Unplugged schedule is listed a tournament for Twilight Imperium. At the time the schedule was released, we were unsure whether that would be TI3 or TI4.

I am happy to announce that we will be playing the event using Twilight Imperium 4!!


If anyone wants to chime in to express their interest in playing it, and prep by looking over the rules, there is a Learn to Play PDF on the FFG site, at:

As with all PAX official events, registration is done on-site on Friday at 10am (first come, first serve - no pre-show signups), and is set to begin at 12pm Friday. But we do plan to offer up to all 6 seats for this game, and it will require a bit of advance knowledge of how to play.

This is the kind of experience you might only ever get to do at a convention like PAX, and even though games of Twilight Imperium are notorious for lasting for hours, at the past few PAX shows we've put sessions of TI3 on the schedule, and they have all filled to capacity, even had a waiting list, and caused us to run a second session of it on Saturday (and this is possible at Unplugged too, if there is demand).

Do you have what it takes? Feel free to add your name here, so we can all gauge interest, and get hype for being able to play Twilight Imperium IV before it's available at retail stores.

Lackey on


  • mindflare77mindflare77 OhioRegistered User regular
    That's awesome that it'll be TI4 instead of 3. I really appreciate the changes made for the new edition, streamlines things quite well.

    I've heard of there being playmats given out for some TI3 events; I dunno if those were handled via FFG or third parties, but I'm wondering if there will be anything similar for TI4 here? Regardless, super excited and interested.


    PSN/Steam: mindflare77
  • LackeyLackey [E] PAX Tabletop Tournaments Registered User regular
    For now, the only information I have is that there will be no prizes awarded for TI4 beyond the normal PAX Unplugged 2017 medallion awarded to winners of all of our tournaments. It's possible that Asmodee/FFG will come through with additional swag/prizes, but I do not have any info on that now.

  • nolnacsnolnacs Registered User new member
    I'd interested in playing Twilight Imperium.

  • bfigginsbfiggins Registered User regular
    I'm always up for Twilight Imperium, but I have a schedule conflict; I'm working in the Exhibit Hall until 2.

    However, with the excitement for the new edition, I wouldn't be surprised if you hit your player cap. I'd be willing to bring my own copy of TI4, and start up a second game/tournament at 2pm. Then, if people get left out at noon, you can just tell them there's another game starting soonish.

  • StonewallJack61StonewallJack61 Registered User new member
    edited November 2017
    Wahoo! Twilight Imperium! I played TI3 for 3 days in a row at Origins 2017.

    I am glad I saw this. It is good to know ahead of time that it will be TI4 and not TI3. I was originally sure it would have been TI3 as TI4 does not play the posted 8 players nor is it officially out yet so no one would have the game and be expected to know how to play already. I received an e-mail from FFG on Monday 10/30 stating that my pre-order of TI4 would be shipping soon, but as of today (11/4) my cc has not been charged yet. So maybe I will still get my copy before hand to look over? If not the rules and videos are online.

    I will be driving in daily from Harrisburg and my main concern will be getting through the “will call” lines Friday to get my 3-day badge in time to find the Tabletop Tourney area and sign up for TI4 tournament before it fills up (or before it starts for that matter depending on how long the lines are).

    Does anyone know what the logistics will be for getting through the “will call” line. How early can you line up and get through to get your badge? Is there a map available of what the Con layout be so I can get from “will call” to tabletop tourney FAST?

    StonewallJack61 on
  • GundabadGundabad PAX East & Unplugged Tabletop Manager NJRegistered User regular
    Will Call and a Tourney registration line will both be open by 8AM on Friday. Can't say how fast the process will go (PAX registration is usually lightning-fast compared to other cons, but this is a first-year con so you never know).

    You'll need to do Will Call, and then head to Tourney registration in the Queue Room (see map: The Enforcers managing that Tourney queue will be able to let you know whether Twilight Imperium is full or not based on polling the folks in line ahead of you, so you don't have to wait around if it's full (or you can have the time to pick a different event before you get to front of line)

  • ArcSynArcSyn Registered User regular
    @Gundabad Is the queue room where people line up before opening? Is the best entrance then to go in at 12th and Market?

  • GundabadGundabad PAX East & Unplugged Tabletop Manager NJRegistered User regular
    That is indeed what the queue room is for. It opens at 8AM for early line-up. Hard to say how quickly the lines will fill up, but we will line count and start announcing event caps so people will know right away if an event is going to fill b/c of the people in front of them. If line builds quickly and events will fill, registration may open early to get things moving rather than force everyone to wait it out.

    I need to confirm which entrance is best to use, and will follow up in next few days. Don't want to give wrong advice.

  • StonewallJack61StonewallJack61 Registered User new member
    Can you play both Friday and Saturday and sign up for the Saturday game on Friday morning? How is the tournament structured? Will there be an invitational final on Sunday?

  • StonewallJack61StonewallJack61 Registered User new member
    Wahoo, my copy was delivered today! Complete with 2 artwork prints and the Deluxe Hardcover rulebook signed and numbered by Christian Petersen, 450/1600. Can you play both Friday and Saturday and sign up for the Saturday game on Friday morning? How is the tournament structured? Will there be an invitational final on Sunday? 42anf2nwxmf6.jpg

  • faintpremonitionfaintpremonition Registered User regular
    This sounds like a lot of fun. I've only played 3rd edition but the new rules look familiar but less fiddly.

  • LackeyLackey [E] PAX Tabletop Tournaments Registered User regular
    Please keep in mind - this post is from 2017, but we ARE also having Twilight Imperium 4 again at Unplugged. It's just on Saturday this time I believe.

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