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Pair of Shy Americans in Melbourne

lordthandalordthanda Registered User regular
Hi there!
My wife and I are in the city for PAX Aus this weekend. We're in the city, and looking to get to know people so that we're not just wandering around the con all weekend. We're actually in town until Thursday of next week, so we're looking to get to know the area and to make new friends. I saw a few events posted (pre-pax drinks, childs play trivia) but we'd like to get a few more chances to get engaged with the PAX community and meet people. Let us know if you're interested in doing something. We're staying at the Pan Pacific, right at the convention center.

-LT the BP


  • TheHairyGamerTheHairyGamer Registered User regular
    If you come to the pre pax drinks I would love to have a chat to you guys. My wife is coming to PAX but not drinks and we are always up for meeting new people :)

  • PlasmanPlasman Registered User regular
    Sent you a PM, I'd best send off me murderin' knife spoon for sharpening!

  • lordthandalordthanda Registered User regular
    @TheHairyGamer, we're planning on the pre PAX drinks. Definitely looking forward to meeting you! Tell your wife she should come too!

    -LT the BP
  • SuperRoachSuperRoach BallaratRegistered User regular
    Sounds like you picked a great place to stay for pax! If you are on facebook, check the kinds of after pax events being posted. For example if you feel like meeting a lot of people from pax, the Beta bar will be packed full of people from that, but that's a bar situation. However we are all very friendly! If it's your first time in aus let yourself walk around and enjoy it - it's hard not to stumble across something you'd love :)

  • TheHairyGamerTheHairyGamer Registered User regular
    @lordthanda she would come, but sadly she has to work. Might come later in the night though if she is up to it

  • SachiiSezSachiiSez Laughter and Sunshine! Registered User regular
    There is also the new bar GG EZ in the CBD - they have a private event on tonight, but Melbournites which are attending PAXAus will possibly head there for a drink and downtime as the night progresses, as this bar streams live esports (League of Legends, DOTA2, Hearthstone, CSGO, Overwatch, Tekken, Streetfighter).

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