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Missing Tickets - Advice?

mandylamandyla Registered User new member
Hi Guys, I've been trying for the past week and a half to get an answer about my missing PAX tickets. They tell me they were delivered, but I have never recieved them. I opened an investigation with AusPost, who confirmed that they're missing - but I'm getting nothing from the PAX organisers, and they won't answer the phone.

Wondering if anyone has any advice on how I can get confirmation that I can get my replacement passes at the rego desk or something? Starting to get worried that they're just going to be happy to take my $300+ and run (I bought 2 three day passes for my husband and myself). Is there a person who might have some insight on who to talk to get this actually resolved instead of me apparently being put in the too hard basket?

Thanks for any responses,


  • sycoincsycoinc Registered User new member
    I am in the same boat here, Aus post said the package was delivered a few days ago BUT it as no where to be found and they say in their investigation takes a few days to track it... and well don't have a few days... contacted pax aus by email to and got an automated one back saying high volume of emails.

    I know from last year you can get a new badge at the event if you can prove the old one is cut up but not sure for those who have not received it.

  • mandylamandyla Registered User new member
    Thanks Sycoinc. Glad to know I'm not the only one! I think if we don't hear anything back, we'll just be heading to the MCEC tomorrow when the registration desk is open and taking all our communications and proofs with us. At least we'll have to get some acknowledgement face to face!
    Pretty poor service though...

  • mandylamandyla Registered User new member
    Ok I've finally heard back, and because I've got proof from AusPost that the tickets were never delivered, we can collect replacement passes at the desk during Registration Desk opening times. Just thought I'd post in case anyone else is experiencing (or will experience) the same drama.

  • TheHairyGamerTheHairyGamer Registered User regular
    Not having this issue but glad it has been sorted out for you

  • AshGuyAshGuy Registered User new member
    Hi there mandya,

    How did you get the proof of delivery stuff. I’ve never been sent any notification that my tickets were sent and only found out that I wasn’t meant to be picking them up at the venue yesterday.

    I’ve no idea who I would talk to at auspost about a random letter that may or may not have been sent at some time with my name on it to confirm that it was returned. Surely the only people who can figure that out are PAX themselves with the send codes?

    This is a nightmare situation. I haven’t heard anything back on any support channels either despite repeated messages.

    No idea what to do here. Any advice would be appreciated.


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