South 2018 Room Shares - READ THE OP BEFORE POSTING

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Post here if you are looking to share your room, or looking for a room to share. Please keep your posts up to date!


You get ONE post in this thread per UNIQUE room share situation. Do not re-post your offer/request. Re-posts will be deleted if not pre-approved by moderation staff.

If you need to modify your post and cannot edit it yourself (accounts below a certain participation threshold), PM me and I will make the edit for you. Not having permission to edit is not a valid excuse for re-posting.

If you *really* think you have a good reason to post for a second time, PM me first.


If you have a room and want to fill space, use this format:



Total Cost:
Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Number of Spots Available:
My Gender
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes/Requests:


If you are looking for a place to sleep, use this format:


Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Spots Needed:
My Gender:
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes:


I will occasionally cull posts from the thread that have been struck out or marked as no longer valid. I will try to do this as necessary, but there will not be a hard schedule for this purpose. This will mean that there should not be a wall of inactive posts to sift through in order to find active ones. Also it means that if someone had a post that was culled from early on, they can freely re-post it later if things went south. If you abuse this, your ability to post in this thread will be revoked entirely.


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    StinkyTurdStinkyTurd Registered User regular
    edited January 2018
    Still Looking will accept people through Friday.

    courtyard by Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk
    207 N St Mary''s St,
    San Antonio, TX 78205
    0.40 miles to Event Location

    Total Cost:$535.89 total you pay 130$
    Date Arriving:Thu Jan 11, 2018
    Date Leaving:Sun Jan 14, 2018
    Number of Spots Available: 3
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Any
    Best Contact Method: send me a PM here or email me at mortalswordsaint@gmail.com
    Additional Notes/Requests: Hi this will be my second year taking on roommates i'm getting a double bed quad occupancy i'll be renting out the second bed and floor spots. This will not be a party room so please respect everyones sleep and things. This room is for sleep and storage. The first person who replies can get the second bed if there willing to share it with someone else that's between them and the second two people.

    1 bed spot open
    1 bed/floor spot open
    1 floor spot open

    due to no demand i have booked other arrangements.

    StinkyTurd on
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    Kingdom1232Kingdom1232 Registered User regular
    edited December 2017
    AirBnB Home: 2 possibllties, deciding on which one, will keep apprised.
    Total Cost: $520 (Home) + $280 (Transportation) ≈ $800 ÷ X number of people. (Prices may change)
    Date Arriving: Thursday, January, 11th, 2018
    Date Leaving: Monday, January, 18th, 2018
    Number of Spots Available: 4 (+ myself =5)
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Human
    Best Contact Method: Discord: Kingdom1232#7983 (Primary) or Email: Kingdom1232@gmail.com (Secondary) [Please refrain from messaging via the Penny Arcade forums i do not check here very often.]
    Additional Notes/Requests: This home is somewhat close the convention center, it is a 10 min drive both ways; to help alleviate Uber/Lyft usage I will be driving us to & from the convention center. I strongly ask that you are FOR SURE going and will not have to bail because such I ask for partial payment to ensure your spot and your seriousness of going. Please contact me if your are interested or need more information via Discord or Email.

    Update 1 11/19/17: I have found a place that is closer to the convention center, if 4 people can join I can book it and the cost per person will go down.
    Update 2 11/27/17: The new place i wanted got booked so now we have to go with the original idea. Starting to lose faith.
    Update 3 11/29/17: Going to go ahead and trash the original plan in favor of a new one. Changing locations and amount people cost will be lower, modified the Notes/Requests section.
    Update 4 12/04/17: All accommodations are on the verge of being cancelled due to low interest. Along with the need to make sure that i have place for myself to stay. Even though PAX South is still a month away.

    I've set up a Document that has some points on what may happen, this document is updated moderately:

    P.S.: Second Year doing home share.
    P.S.S. Second

    Update 5 12/8/17: Unfortunately I have to cancel this Arrangement. It is getting closer to Pax South and AirBnB homes are being booked quickly, in order for me to comfortably get a home I needed at least 2 people on this arrangement so i could book it. Pax South is a month away and I still have nobody. So I need to make sure that I have a place for me to stay (which I already do). Possibility of revival not likely.

    Kingdom1232 on
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    darksteelreaprdarksteelreapr Registered User regular
    Have space available

    Menger Hotel
    Arriving: January 10, 2018
    Departing: January 15, 2018
    Price:$186.80/night divided by x number of people
    Number of spots: 1 definite but willing to discuss floor space.
    My gender: Male
    Your gender: any
    Best contact: fortcowboy@yahoo.com

    This will be the second time I've hosted a room share since I've been going to PAX (first time was this year in Boston) and it went very well. Since it went well, I'm willing to do the room share again. The Menger is not far from the convention center and can be a cheap rate if people are interested. If you are interested, email me and we can discuss sharing a room. Also please be 100% sure you're coming to the convention.

    Thanks in advance!

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    PuritysanPuritysan thePuritysan San Antonio, TXRegistered User regular
    edited January 2018

    Hotel: Marriott Rivercenter
    Total Cost: $105/person payable via paypal.
    Date Arriving: 1/11 (thu)
    Date Leaving: 1/14 (sun)
    Number of Spots Available: 1 spot left. Female preferred as you'll most likely be sharing a bed with me. haha
    My Gender: Female
    Best Contact Method: Here, facebook, PAX Discord Server... yea lol

    Additional Notes/Requests: I am a Marriott employee, so there will be NO room parties. Storage of Alcohol and light drinking is ok. Partying must be taken elsewhere. I am a quiet room, good for those who want somewhere to eat, sleep, relax and shower, lol. You're on your own for parking. I will be providing some food. But I will be asking that people volunteer to bring things for the room. Everyone will get a room key. PREPAYMENT VIA PAYPAL PREFERRED. :)

    Full! c:

    Puritysan on
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    LordFizzlebeefLordFizzlebeef Registered User regular
    edited December 2017

    Hotel: Menger Hotel
    Total Cost: $840.60, split 4 ways ($210.15 per person)
    Date Arriving: Thursday 1/11
    Date Leaving: Monday 1/15
    Number of Spots Available: 1
    My Gender: Male/Male
    Your Gender: Don't care
    Best Contact Method: foashin@gmail.com

    Additional Notes/Requests: Third PAX South, 7th total. (missed last year). Bringing along a friend who has never been to any PAX before so it should be a blast. No drinking or parties.

    LordFizzlebeef on
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    PchoPcho Enforcer Pcho New HampshireRegistered User regular
    edited November 2017
    No longer available

    Pcho on
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    thikthirdthikthird Registered User new member

    Hotel: Menger Hotel
    Total Cost: 373.60 ($160/night, plus tax and fees)
    Date Arriving: 1/12
    Date Leaving: 1/14
    Number of Spots Available: 1 (second bed or floor)
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: whatever
    Best Contact Method: rcorav@gmail.com

    Additional Notes/Requests: I'm coming solo. Probably won't be in the room much.

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    AshTRAshTR Austin, TXRegistered User regular
    edited December 2017

    Hotel: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Rivercenter Area
    Total Cost: $497.37 ($124.35 per person)
    Date Arriving: 01/11
    Date Leaving: 01/14
    Number of Spots Available: 2
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Any, but I imagine either 2 females or two males is best.
    Best Contact Method: PM here, Discord at AshTR#2736, or Twitter at my same username.

    Additional Notes/Requests: Hotel includes free parking and free breakfast, microwave/fridge, and is also closer to the entrance than hotels like the Menger or Crockett after the convention center remodeled. It also has a shuttle to the convention center if you don't want to walk the 3/4th mile.

    Also, I live in Austin, so I don't really have a need to stay the whole day on Sunday and will check out at noon.

    AshTR on
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    H2OCakeisalieH2OCakeisalie Enforcer Registered User regular
    edited December 2017
    Hotel:Homewood suites downtown riverwalk
    Total Cost: $800ish $200 per person
    Date Arriving: 1/11/18
    Date Leaving:1/16/18
    Number of Spots Available: three bed spots (one spot remaining)
    My Gender male
    Your Gender: doesn't matter
    Best Contact Method: PM or email at jacob585@hotmail.com

    While the room is full if all your plans fall apart and you can't find anywhere else to go send me a message and I'll see what What I can do to help you out

    H2OCakeisalie on
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    LotosGGLotosGG Portland, ORRegistered User regular
    Hotel:Marriot Riverwalk
    Total Cost:$680($180 for you)
    Date Arriving:1/11
    Date Leaving:1/14
    Number of Spots Available:2*Floor spots only unless I can get upgraded*
    My GenderFemale
    Your Gender:any
    Best Contact Method: here or @umaikaze on twitter

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    Darksolstice99Darksolstice99 Registered User regular
    edited January 2018

    Hotel: Wyndham, La Cascada Resort https://clubwyndham.com/cw/resorts/wyndham-la-cascada.page

    Total Cost: $2000, $200 per person

    Date Arriving: 1/11 3pm Check in

    Date Leaving: 1/16 10 am Check out

    Slots Open: 3 as of 1/5/2018 (Space is running low!!!)

    My Gender: Male, There will be others in the room but I do not know there gender as of now

    Your Gender: Any, just be okay with the possibility of mixed gendered rooms

    Contact: darksolstice1379@gmail.com or 817-701-9977

    Room: 4 Bedroom Penthouse Suite, Square Footage - 1,898 to 2,260 (This is a fully furnished suite with full kitchen and 3 bathrooms not a hotel)


    Distance: Less then a mile from the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center


    So I might have over planned for this year... Currently I have 2 Penthouse Suites at Wyndham, La Cascada resort at 226 Dwyer Avenue San Antonio, TX 78204. I had filled almost both rooms up until about a week ago when a significant number of people dropped out due to money issues. Since I've already booked and paid for the suites you could imagine I would like to fill as many slots as I can so I don't end up eating the whole cost! I'll be checking this pretty regularly as you could imagine! But texting or calling me would probably be the best way to get a hold of me! As a little note, since there will be quite a few people in the space I would recommend you be okay with partying and having fun! We've had people in the past who are more antisocial in nature and I know the whole weekend was a little hard on them because of it so if you need anything unique let me know but be aware it will be more loud the quiet at times! If you need to know anything else let me know!!

    Darksolstice99 on
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    Ari FoxAri Fox Registered User new member
    edited January 2018

    Hotel: San Antonio Marriott Rivercenter
    Total Cost: 607.10 USD (Your cost: 175$)
    Date Arriving: 1-12-18
    Date Leaving: 1-14-18
    Number of Spots Available: 3
    My Gender: Female (T)
    Your Gender: Gamer/Nerd
    Best Contact Method: Discord: Ari#1185 <----(Case Sensitive) Email: ixikitsuneixi@gmail.com

    Additional Notes/Requests:

    Dont really have to many requests. We're here to have a good time and see what new memories we can make. Whether you do Late Nights, Early Mornings, Party Hard or not at all, none of which bugs me really. Be yourself and fun times are sure to roll. All I ask is that your respectful of peoples belongings and shower at least once a day. If you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to reach out.

    Alchohol Friendly Room

    Ari Fox on
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    chschaserchschaser Registered User new member


    Hotel: Fairfield Inn & Suites San Antonio Alamo Plaza/Convention Center
    422 Bonham San Antonio, TX 78205 USA

    Total Cost: 240 total $120 your part since there will be two of us.

    Date Arriving: 1/12 (Friday)
    Date Leaving: 1/14 (Sunday)

    Number of Spots Available: 1 bed, but if you have a friend or something you GOT to be with we could talk floor space.

    My Gender Male
    Best Contact Method: chchaser@aol.com

    Additional Notes/Requests:
    Free hotel breakfast! But as long as your kind, respectful of personal belongings and are happy to go to Pax we should be good. If you are interested, email me and we can discuss sharing a room. Also please be 100% sure you're coming to the convention.

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    K!LL@RK!LL@R Registered User regular
    edited January 2018
    Hotel: Marriott Riverwalk (889 E Market St location)
    Check-in: Wed 1/10
    Check-out: Mon 1/15
    Host's Preferred Contact: PM

    [BED1] ($350): @K!LL@R
    Department/shift preference: BYOC / Mid shift
    [BED2] ($250): @StinkyTurd
    Department/shift preference:
    [FLOOR1] ($180): @develon
    Department/shift preference:
    [FLOOR2] ($180): @Limilim
    Department/shift preference:

    Room type: Normal, some noise.
    Notes:Guys only (sorry, per wife's request)

    zerzhul on
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    srsartistkatsrsartistkat Registered User regular

    Hotel: Grand Hyatt San Antonio (Primary convention hotel)
    Total Cost: $632.78
    Your cost: $158.00 (see note below)
    Date Arriving: Fri, 1/12/2018
    Date Leaving: Sun 1/14/2018
    Number of Spots Available: 1
    My Gender: Female
    Your Gender: Female
    Best Contact Method: kbakonyi@gmail.com

    Additional Notes/Requests: There will be four of us sharing the room (which may lead to a slight price increase, the Hyatt loves to upcharge for every occupant even though the room size doesn't change). The other two room occupants are a married couple who will be sharing a bed, you'll be sharing with me, so I'd like to share with another girl, despite the fact that there is a guy in the room.

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