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South 2018 Room Shares - READ THE OP BEFORE POSTING

zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
Post here if you are looking to share your room, or looking for a room to share. Please keep your posts up to date!


You get ONE post in this thread per UNIQUE room share situation. Do not re-post your offer/request. Re-posts will be deleted if not pre-approved by moderation staff.

If you need to modify your post and cannot edit it yourself (accounts below a certain participation threshold), PM me and I will make the edit for you. Not having permission to edit is not a valid excuse for re-posting.

If you *really* think you have a good reason to post for a second time, PM me first.


If you have a room and want to fill space, use this format:



Total Cost:
Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Number of Spots Available:
My Gender
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes/Requests:


If you are looking for a place to sleep, use this format:


Date Arriving:
Date Leaving:
Spots Needed:
My Gender:
Your Gender:
Best Contact Method:

Additional Notes:


I will occasionally cull posts from the thread that have been struck out or marked as no longer valid. I will try to do this as necessary, but there will not be a hard schedule for this purpose. This will mean that there should not be a wall of inactive posts to sift through in order to find active ones. Also it means that if someone had a post that was culled from early on, they can freely re-post it later if things went south. If you abuse this, your ability to post in this thread will be revoked entirely.



  • StinkyTurdStinkyTurd Registered User regular
    edited November 2
    courtyard by Marriott San Antonio Riverwalk
    207 N St Mary''s St,
    San Antonio, TX 78205
    0.40 miles to Event Location

    Total Cost:$535.89 divided by number of people
    Date Arriving:Thu Jan 11, 2018
    Date Leaving:Sun Jan 14, 2018
    Number of Spots Available: 3
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Any
    Best Contact Method: send me a PM here or email me at
    Additional Notes/Requests: Hi this will be my second year taking on roommates i'm getting a double bed quad occupancy i'll be renting out the second bed and floor spots. This will not be a party room so please respect everyones sleep plans and stuff. This room is for sleeping and storage. i'm willing to give a slight discount on the floor spots or you can share the second bed if your a group or both parties are fine with it.

    StinkyTurd on
  • Kingdom1232Kingdom1232 Registered User regular
    edited November 11
    AirBnB Home: (Location may Change, Along with price.)
    Total Cost: $700 (Home) + $680 (Transportation) = $1380 ÷ X number of people.
    Date Arriving: Thursday, January, 11th, 2018
    Date Leaving: Monday, January, 18th, 2018
    Number of Spots Available: 5 (+ myself + one =7)
    My Gender: Male
    Your Gender: Human
    Best Contact Method: Discord: Kingdom1232#7983 (Primary) or Email: (Secondary)

    Additional Notes/Requests: This home is NOT near the convention center, it is a 20 min drive both ways; to help alleviate Uber/Lyft usage I will be driving us to & from the convention center. Because of the high cost of this whole trip and the Strict Refund Policy (50% refund if cancelled) of the home I strongly ask that you are FOR SURE going and will not have to bail because such I ask for partial payment to ensure your spot and your seriousness of going. I will book the home when there is at least 4 or 5 people are on board. I understand that all of this may sound complicated and demanding but that is not my intention. Please contact me if your are interested or need more information via Discord or Email.

    I've set up a Document that has some points on what may happen:

    P.S.: Second Year doing home share.
    P.S.S. Second

    Kingdom1232 on
  • darksteelreaprdarksteelreapr Registered User regular
    Have space available

    Menger Hotel
    Arriving: January 10, 2018
    Departing: January 15, 2018
    Price:$186.80/night divided by x number of people
    Number of spots: 1 definite but willing to discuss floor space.
    My gender: Male
    Your gender: any
    Best contact:

    This will be the second time I've hosted a room share since I've been going to PAX (first time was this year in Boston) and it went very well. Since it went well, I'm willing to do the room share again. The Menger is not far from the convention center and can be a cheap rate if people are interested. If you are interested, email me and we can discuss sharing a room. Also please be 100% sure you're coming to the convention.

    Thanks in advance!

  • PuritysanPuritysan thePuritysan San Antonio, TXRegistered User regular
    edited November 3
    Hotel: Marriott Rivercenter
    Total Cost: $113/person payable via paypal.
    Date Arriving: 1/11 (thu)
    Date Leaving: 1/14 (sun)
    Number of Spots Available: up to 7. I have two rooms with 2 queen beds each.
    My Gender: Female
    Your Gender: Doesn't matter
    Best Contact Method: Here, facebook, PAX Discord Server... yea lol

    Additional Notes/Requests: I am a Marriott employee, so there will be NO room parties. Storage of Alcohol and light drinking is ok. Partying must be taken elsewhere. I am a quiet room, good for those who want somewhere to eat, sleep, relax and shower, lol. You're on your own for parking. I will be providing some food. But I will be asking that people volunteer to bring things for the room. Everyone will get a room key. PREPAYMENT VIA PAYPAL PREFERRED. :)

    Puritysan on
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