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Secret Santa 2017 is live. Let the stalking and gifting commence!

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Secret Santa 2017 is now live. Just go to and click on the button on the bottom of the page, watch the video, fill out the form and you're in.

Anyone who has both a forum and Pinny Pals account before 10/29 of this year, has at least 5 substantive posts or a history of positive trades can sign up.

Since there have been some issues in the past, here is an example wish list:
I love Star Wars, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, Disney, pro wrestling, nutcrackers and Super Heroes. I am a huge Nintendo fan and own all of their systems, except my white whale the Virtual Boy. I am just starting to get into board games, but I do play Magic the Gathering. I listen to Metallica, Protomen, "Weird Al", Paul and Storm and Broadway soundtracks mostly.

Please post pictures of presents and a thank you in this thread.

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