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Does "Omegathon: Junk Art" need junk? I can supply junk.

LexomaticLexomatic Registered User new member
Do the organizers of "Omegathon Round 1: Junk Art" (Friday 2:30 pm) need any additional junk? I can supply copious bric-a-brac in shapes attractive to the imaginative crafter including, but not limited to: small metal candy tins of various shapes, M&M Minis tubes, other small plastic cylinders, empty dental floss hinged containers, plastic model kit runners, springy dimpled translucent membrane from inside computer keyboards, and corsage hydration barbed cylinders spray-painted gold to look like anti-Cyberman rounds. I have, in fact, been collecting said debris and detritus specifically in the hope that someone might eventually need it for a junk-building event.

*** Location: Western suburbs of Philadelphia ***


  • engufgneengufgne Registered User new member
    Junk Art is a published dexterity board game from 2016. It comes with all the components needed to play, so sadly there won't be any extra junk needed.

    Although, maybe your junk could be considered an "expansion?"

    Junk Art on BGG:

  • LexomaticLexomatic Registered User new member
    Oh. I see. So it's "Junk Art," the specific packaged game of which I was unaware, not "junk art," the unpublished generic activity. That makes a lot more sense at a tabletop games convention than what I took the timeslot's title and description to indicate. Thank you.

    A sort of anti-Jenga, it seems? As it so happens, some of my collected junk is sufficiently square that it could be stacked alongside the official game elements, but this gives me a handy excuse to avoid toting that extra mass on the train tomorrow. :)

    *** Location: Western suburbs of Philadelphia ***
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