So...I did it.

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Folder closed. in a month or so all outstanding comics will have been delivered and account closed. It's been a long run, about 35 years since that first comic picked up at a gas station. THOR 381 i think...picture of him in the destroyer armor on the cover. 35+ longboxes of books are taking up most of the room in my walk-in closet..mostly unsorted. I still like the idea of comics, I still love to read...but lately its just gotten more of a 'doing it because ive always done it' kind of addiction rather than 'im interested in seeing where this goes'. The Reboots of the universes i think is mostly what killed it for me. I don't mind a changeup to the status quo, I like the addition of females to the ranks. But one thing that attracted me to comics in the first place was the continuity of a storyline that could stretch back dozens or hundreds of issues ago to create nostalgia. When you reset your universe just so you can retell the same story over again only slightly different...multiple times... eventually you run out of steam. What happen to the creativity. why take the history and consequences of a characters actions and make them never occur? How many times did Iron man go 'bad' then have it undone? Another of my old favorites was the "What If" series...where you could see unmade choices occur and deviations from what your characters were. These books were great because characters could die, commit murder, and it usually would show the results of these effects...they hit me hard watching my favorite characters die in a tragic way because mostly death was still rather rare in comics. I suppose that series is gone now because the entire universe has become one great big "What If" series that ends and restarts after a few years but the scale of doing that has deminished any kind of effect on reading it.

I don't really feel bad about stopping my folder which i am a bit surprised about. I still would not mind keeping up one or two books (The Two that stand out more than anything are Thor and Usagi Yojimbo(which i still intend to pick up the graphic novel collections as they come out)...but generally I feel like I'm not missing anything anymore.

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