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PAX South 2018 Community Panel

JuicesirJuicesir The Boy with the D&D TattooRegistered User regular
edited November 2017 in Pinny Arcade
Hooray! Our community panel at PAX South 2018 - The Pinny Pals Community Panel - got accepted and is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, January 14th at 1:00pm in our Bobcat Theatre.

In keeping with the experimental nature PAX South has afforded us in regards to our community panels, I thought we'd do panelist selection a little differently this year.

Step one to becoming a panelist is to enter your email, name, username, and answer whether you have ever been on a Pinny Arcade related panel before in the linked form.

Then on Saturday, November 18th at 12pm PST (that's noon, Pacific time) panelists will be selected in a live broadcast random drawing.

6 panelists will be randomly chosen in total: 2 panelists with prior panel experience, and 4 panelists with no previous panel experience.

The reason for this short deadline is so that the newly chosen panelists will have enough time to submit any panel revisions they would like to make by the deadline of Tuesday, November 21st.

Thank you for your interest, and good luck in the drawing:

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