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Club PA "batches"

KhooFanKhooFan Madison, WIRegistered User regular
Anyone know how often the "batches" are? I filled out the form early october and I have not received the pin from that renewal. I asked customer service and I got a curt, rather unhelpful, message about "batches" and "the next one"... hoping the forum can help more... maybe crowd source to figure this out. Or if there are enough people like me, I probably dont have anything to worry about (I am not 100% confident in the USPS).


  • KhooFanKhooFan Madison, WIRegistered User regular
    FWIW, got an email today with a tracking number. No real word on the "batches" - but still an update none-the-less.

  • InterestingMixInterestingMix A little bit of everything really Melbourne, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    AFAIK It's a human process at the moment, so it's not really about "every 3 months" for example. It's more "when the relevant people have time around PAX events etc.")


  • TubeTube Registered User admin
    It's typically on a Monday, but can be disrupted by shows/Thanksgiving etc. We're working on a better system, we know that it sucks. Sorry.

  • KhooFanKhooFan Madison, WIRegistered User regular
    FWIW, the email confirmation of shipping is a huge improvement. Enjoy the holidays... wait, you are clearly retail... enjoy the new year when it gets here. ;)

  • ArinochArinoch Registered User regular
    I ended up with three of the 2017 cassette Club PA pins and only one of the 2016 pennant it's not an exact science.

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