The James Van Der Beek [TV THREAD]?

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I didn't see one so I'm making one and I'm making it all about James Van Der Beek nee Van Der Beek.

He was born on March 8 1977 making him the sexiest 40 year old I've ever seen. Hailing from Cheshire Connecticut his first real claim to fame was as The Motherfucking Dawson in Dawson's Creek.

He then rose to a new height in the movie Varsity Blues where he played the sad sack intelligent QB that didn't play by the rules and only had to play at all because the star QB, beautifully portrayed by the late, great Paul Walker, was injured due to John Voight's questionable coaching and Billy Bob's concussion.

After that he shows up in a few things until he gets the role of a lifetime playing himself in the show Don't Trust the B in APT 23.

Sadly that show was gone too soon but it did free him up for his greatest role of all time on


Sadly that she was also gone too soon... He seems to be cursed lately...

Here's a pic of The Beek to enjoy!



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