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I have been to a few PAXes and now this year will be doing a Tourny or two. How does one go about getting signed up for these at the event? I saw what time FAQ said, I know its first come first served, I am mainly looking for a "what usually happens" type of thing. Is it really that strait forward of , just walk over there and see what happens?
Do you go to the specified area the day of it and sign up at the start of the day? Does it have to be the day of or can it be before?
Do you have to wait till a specific time before the tourny starts to sign up?

Thanks in advance, just trying not to miss out on anything :)

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    All PAX tourney sign-ups are day-of at the respective tourney department (i.e. 7 Wonders would be at Tabletop Tourney, Minecraft would be in PC, etc.).

    Is it PAX <insert nearest future PAX here> yet?
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