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[Christmas Specials] Stop-Motion Joy… 🚫 🥁 👦

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Growing up, there were often Christmas specials on TV. Now, many of these same shows are available to stream from various online sources.

We have Jack Frost

We have the Miser Brothers in Year Without a Santa Claus

But I wanted to start this off by talking about my favorite special...

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (1985)

Our story starts with Tingler, a Sound Imp, and The Great Ak, Master Woodsman and (apparently) leader of the Immortals. They are preparing for a council with other immortals, as Ak will try to persuade them to bestow the Mantle of Immortality to Santa Claus, a mortal!

We see the Immortals arrive, among them, the Queen of the Water Spirits and the Commander of the Wind Demons.

The council assembled, we see a flashback of how Claus was found, and then raised by a Lioness and a Wood Nymph. As Claus grows, Ak shows him the mortal world, with scenes of cruelty, neglect, and war. Claus decides that his place in this world will be to bring joy to children.

After Claus invents toys, he is accosted by the Awgwas, evil creatures that can make children misbehave and quarrel. They interrupt enough of Claus' toy delivering trips to the local village that a battle ensues with the forest Immortals. The Awgwas "perish" and Claus is allowed to resume his trips.

For some reason, out of all the classic Christmas specials, this movie is the one that I've gravitated towards the most over the years. Maybe it's the variety of creatures and people in the cast, maybe it's the powerful song that plays for the Immortals... maybe it's just that I want to wake up to a Big Surprise (Big Surprise!)... a wooden cat with yellow-green eyes (yellow-green eyes!)

Here, discuss your favorite holiday specials. What did you watch? What do you remember most?

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