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Don't Make [Squad] Leader Sad

JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
edited December 2017 in Games and Technology
A thread for the discussion of the real good game Squad.


What is Squad? Squad is a mil-sim fps that supports up to 50 players per team in massive, combined arms battles with extreme emphasis on team coordination, communication and sand bag digging. Each team's objective is to capture, fortify and defend a series of strategic locations in order while trying to bleed the opposing team's tickets.

(Possibly NSFW due to language)

Each squad is made up of 9 members who have access to varied and important roles such as: Squad lead, light and heavy anti tank gunners, designated marksman, sand bag diggers, medics, or squad automatic riflemen. The correct squad build can mean the difference between victory or success in engagements.

There are also vehicles! You got light armored assault vehicles, APC's, MWRAP's and scout cars, Logistics vehicles which supply sandbags to forward operating bases, motorbikes sometimes, and, hopefully soon, helicopters!

Version 10 Release Soon Maybe!

V10 will see the addition of:

1. Free look
2. Crouch sprinting
3. Prone animation
4. Mantling and climbing
5. A new AA vehicle variant
6. Automatic rifle bipods
7. M240b and PKM for the new general purpose machine gunner class
8. A new Leupold scope for DMR's
9. 4x optic versions of rifles are going to change to single fire and three round burst to better cement their roles as mid to longer range weapons. As it stands they were also very good at cqc which made the reflex sight version sort of redundant.
10. Transition time from sprinting to gun up position increased
11. Weapon collision. Getting a long weapon too close to a wall will result in the weapon dropping and you being unable to fire.
12. Weapon zeroing.
13. Changes to flag cap mechanics
14. Entering vehicles is no longer instant

All in all a pretty hefty update that I hope comes sooner rather than later. Particularly the animation overhaul. The game sometimes feels a little clunky so hopefully the refinements make the slower pace feel more purposeful.

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  • VermillionPeaceVermillionPeace Registered User regular
    Play Squad, good game. Sad necro.

    1.0 recently was released. Someone post 1.0 release video [because Im too forum young :(] You like Battlefield? You like a certain realism? Play Squad.

    Roadmap image is the best I can do.


  • JuggernutJuggernut Registered User regular
    I straight up forgot about this thread.

    I'm still playing Squad occasionally but for a while moved on to Post Scriptum, which sadly, seems to be winding down. Bunch of devs left and I'm not sure there are plans to bring in a new team to continue development.

    Hell Let Loose has been my new hotness for a while. Beyond the Wire is a new OWI WW1 fps joint thats about to going into alpha. Real similar to Post Scriptum but WW1 as opposed to WW2 and has a pretty in depth melee element. I'm looking forward to it and will give it a shot when it comes out. Just a bit wary since it seems PS never really got as much optimization love as it needed and got hung out to dry way too quick. And I really enjoyed that game.

    I dunno what the milsim community is like here in the ole P of A G&T community but I'd be down to try and set a squad or clan up at some point.

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