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Mobile Site: Embedded Tweets Don't Work

Embedded Tweets don't load on my Droid phone on the mobile site on Chrome

They just display as an html


  • xraydogxraydog Registered User regular
    This is also happening for me on a desktop with Firefox 57 on Windows 10. In Edge and Chrome it works fine.

  • BahamutZEROBahamutZERO Registered User regular
    they are working properly for me in win10 firefox 57.0.4.

  • xraydogxraydog Registered User regular
    they are working properly for me in win10 firefox 57.0.4.

    I found out what was wrong on my end. I have third party cookies disabled in firefox.

  • ToxTox I kill threads he/himRegistered User regular
    edited January 2018
    They appear to not be showing at all in Chrome now. Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    Curiously, I can still interact with the tweet, it's just invisible. So if I however my mouse pointer in the right spot, I can click on the tweet, just cannot see it.

    Clearing cache did not resolve

    Tox on
    Twitter! | Dilige, et quod vis fac
  • ToxTox I kill threads he/himRegistered User regular
    it's working normal now

    Twitter! | Dilige, et quod vis fac
  • ZibblsnrtZibblsnrt Registered User regular
    I've been seeing this for the last few days as well on desktop. Same version of Chrome as Tox is using, and it persists after nuking cache and hard-reloading. Does their displaying in threads require third-party cookies nowadays or something?

  • madparrotmadparrot Registered User regular
    It does appear to be something to do with third party cookies. In Firefox 57.0.4 x64, setting "accept third-party cookies" to Never or From Visited causes embedded tweets to disappear, and setting it to Always brings them back.

  • DouglasDangerDouglasDanger PennsylvaniaRegistered User regular
    I enable 3rd party cookies on chrome mobile and now I can see tweets again

  • MillMill Registered User regular
    Yeah, I refuse to go through the hassle to make stuff from a shit platform like twitter work; especially, when it means giving permission to third parties. Would it be possible to just to have people write out whats on the relevant tweet, instead of enabling to twitter to be fucking obnoxious in some new annoying way.

  • OptyOpty Registered User regular
    The thing that fixed it for me (Firefox 58) was turning off tracking protection.

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