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Return my posters that were stolen, please.

GammaFortressGammaFortress Registered User new member
I left two Splatoon posters leaning against a pillar in the Grand Hyatt near that Pokemon league meet up around 7:30pm yesterday. I return 40 minutes later and they were taken by someone. This person did not give them to the many Enforcers that were standing in that area talking to others. They did not give them to hotel staff. Yes, this means they stole them because they did not turn over lost items to any staff. If you took them, just give them back. You didn't buy them, so it would be appreciated if you did the honest and good thing by giving back someone's belongings.

Look moderators, don't delete this post again. Why would you delete a topic of someone trying to find their stolen items?


  • tipsy_tommotipsy_tommo Registered User regular
    So you intentionally left these items unattended for 40 minutes and expected them to be waiting there when you got back?

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Hey there. It sucks that your items were picked up by someone who is not you. I hope they are returned.

    Regarding moderator action, I would direct your attention to

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