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D&D AL needed more space!

mountaindrownermountaindrowner Registered User new member
I was SO bummed, I waited in line for an hour before the expo hall opened, then waited 45 minutes to sign up for D&D Adventurers League to find out they filled up! What an absolute let down! The organizers, clearly bummed as well, asked us to emphasize to PAX how much we love D&D, so here I am. The Adventurers League had 6 tables, which was filled to the brim with players AND alternatives before 1015! 12 tables would have made a huge difference with little sacrifice to space. Sorry if I'm coming off rude but I waited 1 hour in line and then 45min to sign up (I went directly to D&D booth). The organizers did a great job, but they need more space.



  • Captain MorganismCaptain Morganism Houston, TxRegistered User regular
    I agree. My wife and I barely got in on Friday. Please increase the D&D presence at PAX South!

  • michaeldemossmichaeldemoss LouisianaRegistered User regular
    I mention this every year in the survey the email us after PAX. I think I am going to start tweeting to executives at WotC to see if we can increase their prescience at PAX South.

  • JurgmanJurgman Registered User regular
    My buddies and I could not get a D&D AL slot either. It was one of the things on our checklist.
    Does PAX needs more D&D space? Imo yes.

  • BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    Keep in mind, for all PAXen, once we fill up the building, anything new or that grows, means something else has to shrink. South isn't quite bursting at the seams like East or West, but there is not a ton of free space we have access to. I guarantee you all comments in the survey are looked at, but its not always as easy as just making it happen.

  • The AviatrixThe Aviatrix Registered User regular
    With no more swag bags... Could the queue hall be turned into something? 1-2 autographs taking up a small portion of that area leaves a lot of empty room. I'm not sure how long tables would take to set up/tear down though...

    I imagine, even if D&D and Pathfinder didn't start until noon, people would appreciate the extra room and additional tables - which could more than make up for losing out on the first two hours.

  • BekerBeker Child's Play Program Director SeattleRegistered User, Penny Arcade Staff regular
    We have looked into using queue room for event space after its empty, but its a non-trivial task to set up and tear down 100+ tables and chairs every day. Length of time it takes to do that and cost of the staff doing it have been a good part of whats stopped it thus far.

    The problem is PAX is just popular, and thousands of people who like games attend and are often interested in the same things we are. There are also people who get upset because the Youtube or Twitch celeb they came for only had one signing and the line capped. Or the tournament they wanted to attend filled up to fast. Or the pin they really wanted sold out. Some of that can be helped a bit, but some of it is just a fact of PAX and will need to be accepted. My hope for anyone this happens to is that it does not ruin the experience too much, and they find some other great aspect of PAX that they can enjoy instead for that time.

  • VolcartheVolcarthe Registered User regular
    Hey everybody, as one of those DMs, I'd like to say: thanks for the support.
    There was feasibly plenty of room if PAX gave us more space. PAX South isn't to the brim yet.

    Hope to see everybody there in January. I plan on running some AL Eberron this time around.

  • jhat12345jhat12345 Registered User new member
    Volcarthe wrote: »
    There was feasibly plenty of room if PAX gave us more space. PAX South isn't to the brim yet.

    Got that right. Most of the Eastern Rooms looked unoccupied. Right next to the tiny VR rooms on the 3rd floor. Here's hoping we get the entire convention center fully used.

  • basotlbasotl San Antonio, TXRegistered User new member
    Hoping to see more space allocated to Adventure League. It seems pretty funny to have something like that contained to being so small while there was so much empty space in areas.

  • VolcartheVolcarthe Registered User regular
    Since we're coming up on it again: As a reminder, that ALL of the D&D presence that wasn't Acquisitions Inc last year was pulled together through local volunteers with NO SUPPORT from WotC.
    WOTC did not organize the event, no Adventurers League admins showed up, it was purely a pull of local Austin & San Antonio DMs trying to do right by everybody coming to visit.

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