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Fantranslation ont the way

krikkekrikke Registered User new member
edited January 2018 in Games and Technology
Hi there,

Would anybody here happen to know the game: Super robot taisen og saga, mugen no frontier for the DS? also known as super robot wars, endless frontier

If you don't, and you're fan of jrpg's, I can really recommend it. For those who do and have heard of the sequel: endless frontier exceed, you probably know it never got translated or released over here? Well, there's a dedicated team that took up the challenge of fully translating the game!

A page that gets updated is found here:

For the record, it's not my intention to get this known as spam or to advertise another forum. My only goal here is to get word out about this (imo) beauty. If it's not allowed (fully or partially), please do just notify me and I will adjust or remove it. If this falls under the: ask-before-you-advertise-rule, then I apologise for the mistake.

Small extra: if anybody here can translate japanese-english, they're looking for an extra to help out. no need to be a pro.

krikke on
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