GoFundMe - Trying to save our home

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First off I apologize if this is the wrong forum or not allowed at all and if that is the case I will remove immediately.

Penny Arcade has been a home away from home to me for 8 years and so many people here I have either met, played games, or just chatted with. So wanted to post this here in case anyone with a little extra would like to help. We got put through the wringer last year between medical expenses and our home being destroyed on 3 separate occasions. I have come to a point where our house is reaching foreclosure state and am asking for assistance from anyone that can. And if you can't please feel free to share this link with others as I don't do any social media thus limiting my network. As stated on the GoFundMe I will be posting pictures of all receipts and payment confirmations for all donations to show they are being used as stated.

I hate that i even have to do this and my pride is all but destroyed as I have failed my family but if we can make it past this hurdle this will put us in a state where we can persevere. Feel free to ask any questions or offer suggestions, I AM OPEN TO ANYTHING!

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