PC won't connect to any router over ethernet--but it will connect directly to modem?

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A few months ago, I bought a dedicated PCIe blutooth/wifi device for my PC (and it's Asus Z-97A motherboard), which was a quick and painless installation. After a couple weeks of owning it, as an experiment I switched my PC from a wired ethernet connection to wifi via the included antenna, and found there to be very little bandwidth drop.

Since then, I cannot for the life of me connect my PC to a my ASUS TM AC1900 router (or for that matter, one provided for free by my ISP) and get it to connect. No matter what I do, or what drivers I reinstall, it will stall on "Network detected, no internet." Even resetting the router made no difference. But I can connect my PC via the same cable directly to the router and it will go online immediately. For me, Windows 10 always took some time figuring out a new router, but the network wizard would eventually figure its shit out, but now...nothing. And the fact that I can connect directly to my modem completely painlessly seems to suggest some sort of network configuration issue--except no amount of manual IP setting or anything else can change it.

Between this and my audio problems, I'm starting to take a hint that maybe I need to replace my motherboard (oh, the joys of maintaining a gaming PC). Most of my software-side troubleshooting involved a few hours trying every possible IP/DNS combination I could think of, but none of them helped (and a few seemed to actively hurt).


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    Have you tried removing the network adapter in device manager? Remove it, delete the driver, and reboot, let it find the driver again.

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    Are you on windows 10? If the PCIe wireless card was designed for windows 7 you may want to check for firmware updates for it. Or a firmware update for the motherboard. Does the motherboard have onboard wifi? You may want to disconnect that or other networking options to see if it fixes the issue.

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