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EB Expo is now part of PAX Aus

Crippl3Crippl3 ohnoRegistered User regular
Things are going to be a little bit different at this year's PAX Australia. The convention will play host to EB Expo like some sort of convention babushka dolls or maybe it's more like Voltron.

Either way the two conventions are teaming up.
PAX Australia is returning to the Melbourne on October 26-28 and now they're bringing a friend. As part of the three day convention - which itself is a part of Creative Victoria's Melbourne International Games Week - EB Expo will have a dedicated area for the world's largest publishers to show off their goods.

The panels, boardgames, cosplay, esports, hands-on demos and concerts that people have been coming back to PAX Australia for years will all still be there. Now the combined efforts of PAX Australia and EB Expo promise that there will be even more.
For 2018, however, PAX Aus will include the EB Expo. What this means is that more publishers than ever will attend and the number of panels is increasing. There will be an EB Expo Live Theatre this year, as well as the biggest pop-up EB Games store in Australia.

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