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This is Larry the Cable Guy saying watch [Game Grumps] and CoNSumE PriLOsEc

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Game Grumps is one of the most popular Let's Play channels on Youtube - it currently has about 4.5 million subscribers and has been consistently active for over five years. They usually upload two 10-15 minute videos every day.

But who are these Game Grumps, anyway?


Arin "Arin" Hanson, also known as Egoraptor, is one of the founding members of Game Grumps. Before creating the channel, he was mostly known as an animator and a voice actor, which he still does occasionally. You might have seen his Sequelitis videos or his Awesome series.
Now that he's a professional Let's Player, he gets to dazzle an audience of millions with his amazing video game skills every day.


Leigh Daniel "Danny Sexbang" Avidan is the other main member of Game Grumps. He joined the channel back in 2013. He's in a comedy rock band called Ninja Sex Party alongside Ninja Brian. Not much of a gamer himself on account of him being 74 years old and having huge gross thumbs, he's only good at about five games, all of which are old NES games.


Ross "RubberNinja" O'Donovan joined Game Grumps alongside Dan back in 2013. Together, they hosted a show called Steam Train where they played PC games together. Steam Train has since been discontinued and Ross has mostly stepped back from being active on the channel. He is still in the occasional video, but these days he want back to his initial passion of being an animator. He's currently working on an his own animated show called Gameoverse.


Brian "Ninja Brian" Wecht is reponsible for the various Game Grumps social media channels, on top of being in the occasional video. For the most part, however, he's the other half of Ninja Sex Party, the band he created with Dan. He left behind a teaching position at a prestigious London university to make dick jokes full time.
Did you know that he has a Ph.D.?


Suzy "Mortem3r" Berhow is Arin's wife. She has been on a couple Steam Rolled and Grumpcade episodes but mostly stays off-camera. She has her own channel here which is centered on make-up and fashion. She also has her own gaming channel, Kitty Kat Gaming.


Matt Watson & Ryan Magee are the current editors of Game Grumps. On top of that, they also have their own Let's Play channel, Supermega.

The Grumps of Yesteryear


Barry Kramer joined Game Grumps in 2012 and was the channel's editor for many years, on top of appearing in quite a few videos himself. He also hosted the boardgame show Table Flip with Suzy for a while. In January 2018, he left Game Grumps in order to focus more on his own projects. He has a Youtube channel here, where he will occasionally post videos such as his game analysis series How About This Game?. Mostly though, he runs a Twitch stream here. He streams three or four times a week, playing a variety of games.


Jon "JonTron" Jafari was the founding member of Game Grumps with Arin back in 2012. He left the channel in 2013 in order to focus more on his own Youtube channel, JonTronShow.


Kevin Abernathy was the Game Grumps editor from 2014 to 2016. He left in order to pursue a career in editing movie trailers.

Other projects

Game Grumps is a lot more than a Let's Play channel - they've done a ton of other projects in the past. There are way too many to list here, but a few highlights are:


Star Bomb is a band comprised of Arin, Danny and Brian. They've got two albums out right now, with more on the way. It's a comedy / parody band making songs about video games and dicks.

It's great.

Watch their animated music videos here!


The Grumps also collaborated on a game project - Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator, a game where you, well, date dads. You can buy the game on Steam here.


Dragons in Places is a Dungeons & Dragons podcast starring the Grumps - specifically, Arin, Suzy, Barry, Ross and Holly playing a game of DnD with Dungeon Master ProJared. You can watch the first season on Youtube here; you can also find it on your podcast app of choice.


Good Game is an original Youtube Red show starring Arin and Dan. It's about an underdog eSports team trying to make it big. You can watch the first episode for free here.


Doodle Doods was an unfortunately short-lived series hosted by Ross and Chris "OneyNG" O'Neill. In each episode, Ross, Chris and their guests draw characters from a certain franchise in (mostly) completely absurd ways. It's tons of fun. Watch it here.

Game Grumps Animted

Another fun part of Game Grumps is Game Grumps Animated - as the name implies, these are funny or memorable scenes that have been animated by fans. There are WAY too many good ones to list here - for starters, there's one that's published on the Game Grumps channel every Thursday. You can find a playlist of all of those here. Below are a couple of other good ones:



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