Salad Hunt [From PAX South Rising] will be released at PAX East!

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Hi all, I wanted to announce that our kitchen destruction game, Salad Hunt, is going to be released on Wednesday right before PAX (April 4). For some of the more avid PAXers out there, you might remember us from the PAX Rising section a few months ago at PAX South. We’re a Boston based indie studio and we’ve been busting our butts for over 2 years to bring you a simple, fun, and destructive experience. The picture above is actually from South... we'll have DOUBLE the variety at East.

As part of release day, we’ll be part of the PlayCrafting PREGAMER party… which is COMPLETELY FREE AND HAS PIZZA as long as you pre-register. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pregamer-pax-east-edition-tickets-41423841826

We’ll also be at Booth 17110 during PAX East and we’ll be giving out tons of swag both physical and digital if you visit, play the whole demo, or show us that you download the game. Look for the booth with the “fancy” green chairs and our dev team in the aprons!


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    SaladHuntersSaladHunters Registered User new member
    As a special thanks to everybody who downloaded at PAX:
    Go to the menu screen --> Settings --> Promo code --> type in "PAXBOS" and hit submit for a special apron for the Chef.

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