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Silver Line Tunnel Closure

vidvid Hot Dog WizardPDXRegistered User regular
For anyone taking the Silver Line as part of your daily PAX commute, please be advised that the tunnel has been closed between South Station and Silver Line Way due to pieces of concrete falling on the platform. The silver line busses will now be taking surface streets, so it will be a longer commute than usual.


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  • DominoDomino Keizen Mikazuki New York, NYRegistered User regular
    Oh man, our infrastructure problems in America LOL. Last time I was in Bsoton, the green line got stuck for an hour. I'll let my friends know to walk to the Westin from South Station to save the hassle. Thanks for the heads up.

  • zerzhulzerzhul Registered User, Moderator mod
    Apparently they have already re-opened the tunnel as of 5am today. Must have been a fast engineering survey :rotate:

  • Dolphins397Dolphins397 Registered User regular
    Oh gosh I guess Ill have to watch this closely for updates that I probably wouldnt end up seeing otherwise hahaha. Who knows if it could close again before saturday :/ Good ole Boston!

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