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I'm cold again, [weather thread]



  • The Cow KingThe Cow King a island Registered User regular
    edited June 2018
    Used to be odd that we got above 30c where I live now its just the way things are and it depresses me

    The Cow King on
  • BrainleechBrainleech 機知に富んだコメントはここにあります Registered User regular
    It's been raining more of a light sprinkle the last few days it does take the heat off but it's been a nasty dry summer so far here nearly getting up into the high 30'sC

  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion Pronouns: He, Him, HisRegistered User regular
    Florida Summer

    A certain type of hell

  • BrainleechBrainleech 機知に富んだコメントはここにあります Registered User regular
    I think the worst summer heat I had was in Iraq somewhere in the west along a highway manning a checkpoint
    There was no where that was a relief from that heat and the sun and with those fatigues and body armor with all the gear I think I lost 30+ pounds in sweat those two weeks

    Donovan Puppyfuckeritalianranma
  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    Enc wrote: »
    Florida Summer

    A certain type of hell

    My type of hell.

  • Dr. FlamingoDr. Flamingo 49 Gilded Disc Perceives the Sun Registered User regular
    It's not terribly hot here yet, but it'll get there, ohhhhh it'll get there.

  • EncEnc A Fool with Compassion Pronouns: He, Him, HisRegistered User regular
    From March to November I just try to be indoors as much as humanly possible.

  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    Not me, I walk to work, 30 minutes each way.

    I do try to stay out of direct sunlight, however.

  • SorceSorce Not ThereRegistered User regular
    Enc wrote: »
    Florida Summer

    A certain type of hell
    People at work are already complaining about the heat/humidity, and then I remind them it's only June. That doesn't make them feel any better.

    ~4-5 months until it cools off a bit though. Woo!

  • discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    It's finally frigid here.
    Long may it stay that way.

  • sarukunsarukun RIESLING OCEANRegistered User regular
    The only upside to winter in Taipei over winter in Tainan is less wind.

    Otherwise, it's 3 whole weeks of not wearing shorts.

    It's bullshit, but what can you do?

  • BucketmanBucketman Call me SkraggRegistered User regular
    Here in North West Indiana we know its summer when its about 85 degrees and so humid its hard to light a fire. We know its winter when we have a few feet of snow and its below 0.

    I can't wait to move away from here.

  • UnbrokenEvaUnbrokenEva HIGH ON THE WIRE BUT I WON'T TRIP ITRegistered User regular
    Pinfeldorf wrote: »
    I'm sure it's hot in Canada, but it was 112 here today. I'm sure anyone in Phoenix has me beat, though.

    The Cow KingSporkAndrewStiltsPinfeldorfShortySkeithSlacker71AistanKwoaruGoose!BucketmanElldrenSirToasty
  • FlarneFlarne Registered User regular
    It's always hot. Sometimes it's also rainy.

    I wasn't built for this climate. Been having dreams where I'm just standing outside and it's a bit chilly.

  • TallahasseerielTallahasseeriel Registered User regular
    my central air broke in May.

    I just woke up soaked in sweat.

    yesterday my cold tap water was coming out warm.

  • VeldrinVeldrin Sham bam bamina Registered User regular
    Getting regularly scalded by boiling hot water from a garden hose is a fond part of my childhood memories.

    StiltsDonovan PuppyfuckertynicTofystedethBucketmanitalianranma
  • TallahasseerielTallahasseeriel Registered User regular
    yeah for those of you who have never lived in one, the outside of a trailer is all pretty much aluminum.

    It's like they are designed to trap heat. on days like yesterday with record high temps near 100f its usually like 25 degrees hotter in here.

    It got down to like 78f play this morning but my room was still probably 100 degrees easy.

  • ReginaldReginald When I am Pres., I will create the Department of ______Registered User regular
    94F with 77% humidity makes it absolutely awful here. TOP THAT! We used to have a spring. Where did it go?

  • TallahasseerielTallahasseeriel Registered User regular
    it is supposed to get down to 60 degrees Wednesday night and I'm very excited to be able to sleep good that night.

  • Butler For Life #1Butler For Life #1 Twinning is WinningRegistered User regular
    edited June 2018
    Hi hot, I'm dad

    Happy late Father's Day y'all

    Butler For Life #1 on
    BucketmanRMS OceanicJedocSkwigelf
  • Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan Registered User regular
    It's going to be over 90f here today in Maine. I left the living room ac on but me and the kid are installing the bedroom one when I get home. We're moving in less than a month so I was hoping not to bother installing them at all but I'm a super wimp about being hot.

  • MulysaSemproniusMulysaSempronius but also susie nyRegistered User regular
    I knew this day would come. When it was officially spring, yet still snowy, I wished really hard for the heat to come. I knew that when it came, I would regret that wish.
    I really dislike this humid heat. Growing up, the nights were cool even if the day was hot. Now, it's just hot all the time.

    If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing
  • DarmakDarmak RAGE vympyvvhyc vyctyvyRegistered User regular
    We're only supposed to have a high of 92F today, so it'll be nice. I love this warmth

  • crwthcrwth THAT'S IT Registered User regular
    being hot is good while being cold is bad

  • jaziekjaziek Bad at everything And mad about it.Registered User regular
    Hello from London. Happy to report: mans not hot.

    Steam ||| SC2 - Jaziek.377 on EU & NA. ||| Twitch Stream
    Donovan PuppyfuckerSolar
  • jgeisjgeis Registered User regular
    edited June 2018
    It's supposed to be 71°F and sunny here today. It's supposed to be in the 70s and sunny for the next ten days.

    Honestly, the monotony of SoCal summer weather is its own kind of pleasant hell.

    jgeis on
  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    #pipe wrote: »
    I am going to Australia in a week.

    But it's winter there so it's ok.

    I'm probably never going to Australia in the summer again unless somebody dies. Life's too short to spend summer in Australia.

    I try to only go back from mid-jan to mid-February, if possible

    Maximise those 40C+ days and the southern hemisphere sun

  • bowenbowen How you doin'? Registered User regular
    it's 80f and I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt fite me irl

    not a doctor, not a lawyer, examples I use may not be fully researched so don't take out of context plz, don't @ me
  • FlarneFlarne Registered User regular
    I’m coming up on three months without pants. Not sure how my legs will react when I go back to jeans.

  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    edited June 2018
    bowen wrote: »
    it's 80f and I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt fite me irl

    that'll be easy, you'll pass out from heat fatigue before the fight is over!


    Xaquin on
  • SorceSorce Not ThereRegistered User regular
    Colorado dreamin' on such a Summer's day...

  • XaquinXaquin Right behind you!Registered User regular
    good on you Uriel

  • TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
    Other than yesterday and today it's been lovely in boston compared to Wichita. This kind of summer weather makes a much stronger case for moving to New England than when people constantly tell me how plentiful the lobster is.

    Tomorrow i go back to 90+ degree weather. :(

  • tynictynic PICNIC BADASS Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited June 2018
    ... yesterday was the first Boston day that even approached a decent summer temp. New England is cold and miserable.

    Maybe in August we'll get some proper warmth

    tynic on
  • PeccaviPeccavi Registered User regular
    crwth wrote: »
    being hot is good while being cold is bad

    Being hot is bad because I can't be more naked.

    Being cold is good because I can be less naked.

    XaquinRobonunPinfeldorfSlacker71AistanKwoarudarunia106FlarneKetarDonovan PuppyfuckerGoose!SorceVeldrinBucketmanJedocWeaverDracomicronBloodsheedWiseManTobesMortal SkyReynoldsElldrendiscrider
  • Duke 2.0Duke 2.0 Time Trash Cat Registered User regular
    95 F and soupy humidity

    Not that bad, but man oh man these tourists didn’t think through buying tickets for an open top bus. I can see it in their faces when they walk up the steps and the realization of their mistake hits them

    At the time time the sun does

  • GustavGustav Friend of Goats Somewhere in the OzarksRegistered User regular
    I am not going to survive August. It's already a nightmare here with it only getting hotter.

    And the humidity is already like a bucket of hot ham water hitting you as you leave the door.

    On the plus side everyone is gross now so we don't have to worry about appearances anymore.

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