CNAME Cross-User Banned | Cloudflare Error

hippofanthippofant ティンクRegistered User regular
I'm occasionally getting a Cloudflare error with the following text:

Error 1014 Ray ID: 434cc7f5dbbcab4e • 2018-07-03 22:27:43 UTC
CNAME Cross-User Banned
What happened?

You've requested a page on a website that is part of the Cloudflare network. The host is configured as a CNAME across accounts on Cloudflare, which is prohibited by security policy.
What can I do?

If you are interested in learning more about Cloudflare, please visit our website.

It's happening occasionally for a few seconds, for multiple threads I'm opening in tabs, and then it clears and everything's fine again.


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    Edith UpwardsEdith Upwards Registered User regular
    Are you logged in on a phone?

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    hippofanthippofant ティンク Registered User regular
    Nope. Browser. Is this not a server-side issue? Might be some of my various domain/cookie-blocking whatevers.

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    LD50LD50 Registered User regular
    This is probably a server side problem, but it may also only be a temporary issue caused by a configuration change.

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    IcyLiquidIcyLiquid Two Steaks Montreal, QuebecAdministrator, Vanilla Staff vanilla
    This happens when one Cloudflare user links to another Cloudflare user with an orange cloud. Possible that PA DNS is been altered and its causing this. Will investigate.

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    E.CoyoteE.Coyote Registered User regular
    I got the same error roughly a week ago using a chrome browser from laptop. It happened once and lasted for a bit even after reloading and closing the browser and never happened again.

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    discriderdiscrider Registered User regular
    Just got the same error.
    Refreshing then led into an ugly 503 error

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    Sweeney TomSweeney Tom Registered User regular
    I've gotten this error trying to access the Best Of page recently

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    McFodderMcFodder Registered User regular
    Just seen a few of these today, not sure if it's because the office wifi is being even more terrible than usual somehow.

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    E.CoyoteE.Coyote Registered User regular
    Just had this error again a few minutes ago.

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    chromdomchromdom Who? Where?Registered User regular
    Had this a few times in a row just now. Normally I see it when I go to the Best Of page, but this time it was as I was trying to get into the forums themselves.

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    Kevin CristKevin Crist I make the devil hit his knees and say the 'our father'Registered User regular
    Just has this error a few minutes ago.

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    IanatorIanator Gaze upon my works, ye mighty and facepalm.Registered User regular
    Got one at about 10:26am PDT.

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    fightinfilipinofightinfilipino Angry as Hell #BLMRegistered User regular
    FYI https://status.vanillaforums.com is great for seeing what might be causing our forums to hiccup :)

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    HenroidHenroid Mexican kicked from Immigration Thread Centrism is Racism :3Registered User regular
    Ianator wrote: »
    Got one at about 10:26am PDT.
    I saw this happen earlier today as well, about the same time. I told it to try a live connection and further received a message about a bad gateway specifically here in the Las Vegas area (though I don't know if everyone would've seen the same for where they live).

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    Kipling217Kipling217 Registered User regular
    Got one just now. 22,41 Central European Time.

    Might be a local thing, there was a power outage locally and they said on the local newspaper website that there might be hickups with the local routers as a result. Figured I notify anyways, just in case its something more.

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