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Coworker wants my old laptop.

So, a coworker of mine wants and old laptop I have. I have no issue giving it to him for free, but I want to make sure everything of mine is off there for good.

It's currently running Windows 7. I found a product key on it but it's for Vista. Don't know if that helps.


  • ShadowfireShadowfire Vermont, in the middle of nowhereRegistered User regular
    If you have Windows 7 you could create restore media for it, wipe it, and reinstall Windows from scratch. Produkey from Nirsoft will find your Windows 7 key for you.

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  • JusticeforPlutoJusticeforPluto Registered User regular
    Okay, by explain create media reaotre you mean like, load it into a USB to boot from, correct?

  • AridholAridhol Daddliest Catch Registered User regular
    DBAN it first then reinstall.

    A basic format during a reinstall won't really delete anything.

    Boot to a USB or CD/DVD with DBAN on it and nuke the drive there then do a reinstall of windows.
    Make sure, as Shadowfire said, to have the re-install disks created and get the key for when you reinstall.

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