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Calling all beer-lovers! PAX West six-pack swap and bottleshare!

f33rNapalmf33rNapalm Registered User regular
It's time once again for the PAX West six-pack swap and bottleshare!

I'm calling all beer* lovers to bring a six pack of their favourite beer to swap, and a few brews to share.
*cider is welcome too!

Last year's event was a huge success, seeing a bunch of PAX folks crammed into a hotel room to crack open a ton of amazing beers, have a great time, and the always miraculous avoidance of a noise complaint.

Event will be held at the Olive 8, with the time & date TBD, as we're waiting on the release of the schedule.

You can sign up here.



  • f33rNapalmf33rNapalm Registered User regular
    Date has been set for Saturday September 1st!

  • f33rNapalmf33rNapalm Registered User regular
    Location has been updated on the spreadsheet for anyone who's already signed up. It's not too late to sign up and come out!

    8pm-late tonight!

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