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MTG Tournaments?

emrobinsemrobins Registered User regular
Does anyone know who is taking over the MTG tournaments this year and if they have a schedule up? I know Cascade Games isn't hosting for sure....


  • RavenHuskyRavenHusky Registered User regular
    Cascade Games says that they're going to be at PAX West, but they don't have a schedule up yet.

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  • wolfemancswolfemancs Registered User regular
    Wonder where they'll end up.... Looks like Fortnite has the bottom 3 floors of the Annex this year. I'm not a BR fan, but hey, mini-golf is mini-golf.

  • emrobinsemrobins Registered User regular
    RavenHusky wrote: »
    Cascade Games says that they're going to be at PAX West, but they don't have a schedule up yet.

    I'm really happy that cascade will be hosting after all! There were multiple people who were saying there weren't!

  • emrobinsemrobins Registered User regular
    So sad news...I just got in contact with Tim Shields from Cascade Games and they will not be hosting any MTG events. So I'm not sure what will be at PAX now.

  • wolfemancswolfemancs Registered User regular
    Huh... How long ago did Card Kingdom change their Ballard location to also be MOX?

  • EvilBadmanEvilBadman DO NOT TRUST THIS MAN Registered User regular
    edited August 2018
    Cascade Games has PAX West listed on their site, but no events yet. They've run the Magic stuff previously. [EDIT: I just read the Aug 18 comment, sorry.]

    Card Kingdom changed the branding to be solely their online presence, and their Brick and Mortars named Mox Boarding House. I believe it's been about 18 months now? Maybe more?

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    FyreWulff wrote: »
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