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[steam][ios][android] Defend the Cake – Cute and Tactical Tower Defense

TubeTube adminAdministrator, ClubPA admin

Hello everyone! We are an independent team of 3 Blizzard and Riot alumni and we made a cute and tactical tower defense game called Defend the Cake. Defend the Cake is an open field tower defense where you choose where to place your Cake.


With Defend the Cake, we set out to create a tower defense game that is more palatable to a wider audience while still providing enough strategic depth for players that really want to sink their teeth in. We cooked up a cute and cartoony art style to entice players who are hungry for something different, and a smooth difficulty curve designed to be accessible to players unfamiliar with the genre. However, even seasoned tower defense veterans will find beating all the levels without any bugs touching the Cake to be a considerable challenge!

If you’re interested in trying the game, download the free demo on our website.






If you have any feedback, please drop us a line at [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

See you in the Cakedom!



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