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HEROES NEEDED! The Fearsome Tarrasque threatens PAX West!

Narlor JenkinsNarlor Jenkins Registered User new member
Heroes of the Realm! I am the wizard Arcantos, master of magic, and I have need of your skills!
The fearsome Tarrasque is making its way towards the downtown Seattle area and only with your help will PAX West be saved!
Find me, complete my quest, and you will be given a reward worthy of a true Hero!

Hey guys! If you're interested in a little D&D-flavored fun (and a little D&D-flavored Loot!), come and find me during PAX on Saturday and Sunday! I'll be wandering around the convention center and EXPO Hall in full costume, with a bag full of quests ready to be handed out. Feel free to walk up, ask for a quest, and complete it at your leisure. Once you're done, just come back to me to receive a suitable reward for your task! (I'll give you a hint: It's a Tarrasque pin)

Hope to see you all there!



  • markjamesmurphymarkjamesmurphy Registered User new member
    I completed my quest! But then I had to go to Acq Inc and didn't have time on Sunday to find you. Are you there Monday?

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