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Swag Thread - Where is all the swagz?

SerenitySerenity Registered User regular
edited August 2018 in PAX West
Was looking around for a thread this year but looks like nobody's started it yet!
List your swag tips and tricks here and help others find cool stuff around the convention!
I'll start with mine:
  • Free popsicles and snowcones outside the PUBG arena at the Paramount
  • Free burgers, drinks, and popsicles at the Fortnite arena (lot 79)
  • Free Monster coffee samples out near the PAX Swag booth
  • Free shirts at the EVGA booth on level 6 (small or XXL only)
  • Free salmon noise makers at the PAX Arena seating area
  • Gaming hardware raffles 3 times/day at the Ebay booth beside the PAX Arena
  • AIE booth giving out various swag items including yo-yos and fidget spinners

That's it for me so far but I'm sure there are more goodies hiding around to discover this weekend!

Would love to hear what others find out there!

zerzhul on


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    MadpoetMadpoet Registered User regular
    Bless Unleashed will give out nylon bags to hold your other swag, and if you play the demo you can get:
    • T-Shirts
    • Flasks
    • Playing Cards
    • Skins (for the xbone, I think)
    (Also, seems to be a fun FTP MMO with souls-lite combat, coming next spring to the XBone)

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    SpawnbrokerSpawnbroker Registered User regular
    If you play the Artifact demo you will get two beta keys that are tradable.

    Steam: Spawnbroker
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