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Rules for D+D General Discussion

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(If you will be engaging in discussion of politics/breaking news, please see these additional rules)

Some of this is reiteration of our general forum rules, found here. Read those first.

Obey the Glorius Edict
Tube wrote:
The Glorious Edict

The only insult that is permitted on this forum is “silly goose”. No other adjective may be added, you cannot call someone a “fat, stupid, silly goose”. The only exception to this is the moderation staff, who work hard for free and therefore can call you bastards whatever they so desire. We are aware that this is very unfair and consider it to be part of the fun.

Among the insults this covers (ie; all of them) is the insult “troll”. Accusing someone of trolling will be treated as an edict violation. If you call someone a troll and they are, then you are an idiot for doing what they want. If you call them an troll and they're not, then you are an arsehole for calling them names. Please use the report button if you have a problem with another user.

Certain questions are now settled forum law.
Jacobkosh wrote: »
There are topics on which the staff strongly feel that future debate serves no useful end. One in particular is that transgender people will have their pronouns of choice respected here with no ifs, ands or buts. If you fancy yourself some kind of erudite devil's advocate or heroic gadfly - well, you probably aren't, frankly, but you're free to fuck off elsewhere to do that. It's had its day here.

To reiterate: use the report button, don't meta-mod


PM mods with questions, do not ask in-thread
So It Goes wrote: »
On sending questions to mods by PM:

Official rule is now that you need to send to at least two D+D mods when you have a question. This helps ensure your PM is read in a more timely manner if one of the mods is not online or is say spending all their waking hours attending to a smol human.

Link images over 1mb in size
So It Goes wrote: »
The inline image size limit has been increased to 1mb.

Inlining anything bigger than that will result in a jailing. Yes this applies to gifv as well.

Quoting huge images in a subsequent post will also draw the ire of the mods. Take off the tags if you're quoting something that is a big gif.

No, you cannot have an anime thread
Irond Will wrote: »
after consideration, we are making the following change to the anime thread policy:

1) no general anime thread in D&D

2) no new specific topic anime threads either

Basically what this means is that if you want to discuss anime - either the general topic or your specific favorite anime - you should really look for another forum or subforum to do this. I'm positive they're out there and they're better-suited for the kind of environment you're looking for than D&D will ever be.

The [chat] thread is a no-politics zone
So It Goes wrote: »
Chat has traditionally been a thread for folks to hang out in a more casual manner since it's not an on-topic thread. Though politics and breaking news are weighing heavily on many peoples' minds this year for a myriad of reasons, we'd like to see chat remain a more casual and social environment. To this end we are highly discouraging the discussion of political topics in chat, including dropping in tweets or news stories that have just come across your feed. We have many, many political topic threads in which to discuss the various goings on of the Trump administration and other news happenings. New on-topic threads can be created as necessary. Politics discussions can tend to take over pages of chat, cause emotions to run high, and generally change the culture of a thread where many people go to socialize and NOT discuss news or politics.

Use on topic threads to discuss political issues. If there is not a thread, make one. If you are unsure if you should, ask mods.

We generally don't care what dumb shit is happening on Reddit
ElJeffe wrote: »
Hey, folks!

You know that thing where someone posts a thread from Reddit,and it's full of stupid people saying stupid things, and the point is "lookit the stupid people who are in favor of this thing, they are totes stupid, lololol," and then someone gets pissed, and everything goes to hell, and people start yelling, and someone makes a report, and a mod has to go in there and sort out what happened and tell people to stop being fuckos?

You know how that's just so very fun? Probably not! Because I was actually using very sophisticated sarcasm right there, and it's actually not much fun at all! Holy shit, what a shocking twist!

So. Posting Reddit comments, or 4chan posts, or anything else for the express purpose of lol-ing at some group who is not you, is now verboten. It is stupid strawmanny shorthand, and instead we are going to use actual words and cogent arguments to make our points, like God intended.

Reminder that this is an on-topic subforum

Except for the chat thread, our threads are on-topic and discussion should stick to areas that are directly relevant to the topic identified in the OP. If you would like to hang out in more chatty threads on various topics, check out SE++.

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    Regarding the posting of articles and Twitter threads:

    While the point of this subforum is for people to talk to other people about stuffs, sometimes it's helpful to reference an article or news story or Twitter thread. This is fine! However, there are a few caveats:

    First, there is the issue of copyrights and other related legal issues. Posting all or most of a news article such can get us in trouble. We don't like trouble!

    Second, posting huge walls of text breaks up the conversation and makes it more difficult for someone to skim through a thread if they're not interested in a particular tangent. They're unsightly. We don't like unsightly!

    Third, like I said above, the point is for people to talk with one another and potentially use outside sources to bolster a point or draw attention to an issue. The point is not to convert the thread into a bunch of people lobbing articles at one another sans comment. We don't like lobbing! Or whatever!

    In light of this, please observe the following rules when referencing outside works, including long Twitter threads:

    - If you need to cite text, please limit it to a few paragraphs that summarize the article and a link that folks can follow to read the rest. If it's a Twitter thread, just include a few tweets.

    - Please try to avoid dumping an article into a thread without commentary. Surely you're posting this article because you have thoughts about it! Tell us what those thoughts are, we really wanna know! Note that "This is interesting" or "Wow" are not really compelling commentary.

    Thank you!

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    ElJeffeElJeffe Moderator, ClubPA mod
    Regarding the posting of hate imagery:

    Because the world is a stupid and awful place, many tweets or images discussing stuff happening in the world right now contain pictures of things like swastikas and confederate flags and other symbols of hate and bigotry. These images can be upsetting to some, so we ask that if you need to post such imagery, you spoiler tag and throw up a note that there's a swastika or whatever involved.

    Nobody is going to get banned because there was a confederate flag in the back corner of a picture they posted of a Trump rally or anything, this is just a request to act courteously towards people who might be upset by such pictures.

    I submitted an entry to Lego Ideas, and if 10,000 people support me, it'll be turned into an actual Lego set!If you'd like to see and support my submission, follow this link.
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