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More succulent help - Gollum Jade

SteevLSteevL What can I do for you?Registered User regular
At the last place we lived in, there were numerous succulents in the backyard. I attempted to propagate some of them, some via single leaves and others via cuttings. One of them that I made a cutting of was this succulent called Gollum jade or finger jade because it looks pretty neat. It was doing fine in this pot at the last place since I made the cutting in April, but we moved to this new place (about 10 miles away) at the end of September and it doesn't seem to be doing as well. The "leaves" are looking pretty shriveled now:

Am I just not giving the poor thing enough water? I've tried to be careful not to water it too much since jade plants can die from overwatering, but perhaps it's not getting enough? I think I last watered it a week ago. It is kept outside the apartment where it gets a healthy dosage of sun every day. For reference, here's what it looked like in June:


  • ruby_robinruby_robin Registered User new member
    You probably need to check it's root system for mold and rot. Looks like it suffers from overwatering.
    If roots are ok, repot in fresh clean soil. Water sparingly. If they're in a bad condition - remove the bad rotted roots, then repot in fresh clean soil.

  • SteevLSteevL What can I do for you? Registered User regular
    I actually ended up watering it a day after I took that picture, and then I watered it again 2 days ago. It seems to have bounced back.

    So yeah, it doesn't seem like it's an overwatering situation, fortunately. It was getting a lot more water at the previous place because it sat relatively near a sprinkler that went on every few days. I've definitely watered it less since moving, and probably gave it less water than it needed for a watering session as its roots have grown.

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